Bathroom Reveal!

So this is the first room I will be sharing with you guys – the bathroom is still not quite finished (and will be for a while, where are you money tree!) – it was the first room I “completed” to a usable state and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Awful bathroom before picture

I’ll just explain a little bit about our plans for this part of the house in case you are wondering why we have done so much or so little to this weird room. We are doing the absolute bare minimum to the rooms at the back of the house (north facing) as we plan on doing a big renovation to the back of the house (at some point in the distant future, when we have money again ha!) which would definitely involve busting all of this down. The bathroom is just so much in the wrong place, wrong size, wrong everything not to mention some very questionable structural work and water damaged walls/floors. It’s actually very hard to get the balance of having a nice space to live in without spending unnecessary money but I really think we have achieved it in our bathroom.

Some of these before pictures don’t actually seem that gross to me now, I don’t know if I’m just desensitized or if I exaggerated how bad it was?! What do you guys think? I think the first picture is so blurry because I was in such a state of shock at the time!


So yes. The multi coloured walls, mouldy mouldy everything, delightful bath, dirty everything, water damage and borer to the max everywhere. Safe to say this was not a high point of the house! And then we discovered that the hot water cylinder (other side of the room – behind the door) was not only not working, but had rotted completely through the floor and was now located party under the floorboards.



The above picture is where the hot water cylinder cupboard was located and where we patched the floor with some mismatching floorboards located in the attic. Unfortunately there is no more matching floorboards for our floors throughout the house anywhere nor does anyone make a similar size.


Ripping out the bath was fairly satisfying and our neighbours took it from the skip to use as a planter in their garden! The whole house was rewired around about this time and suddenly we had our heated towel rail in action haha! (Trademe: $35).

20140101_222740After the bath was ripped out I started prepping to paint the room and realised just how bad things were, layers upon layers of less than skillful thick paint, rot, borer for miles and just general suckful craftsmanship. It was a nightmare to clean, my friend Erica spent a couple of hours just filling holes in the tounge and groove walls! I started to rethink my all white paint theme. It’s no secret that I love white, but In my experience it can highlight imperfections and I knew it wasn’t going to work here. Eventually I settled on Resene Greywacke – which looks NOTHING like the online swatch – in reality it is MUCH more purple, which I have kind of come to terms with, especially as the window had textured purple glass in it so it kind of worked. Plus I considered it to be still pretty neutral.

20140409_231726After the walls came the floor. Ohhh the floor. My husband told me to just paint it – I was determined, DETERMINED that I could scrape it and sand it and finish it.. I was so wrong haha. First came the scraping, then came the paint stripper, then came my Dad helping me scrape, then came my first (and only) experience with the belt sander (OMG), then came the realisation that a white painted floor is totally scandi cool and I’m okay with that ;). So I filled and sanded the floor as best I could and painted it white.

20140418_100614Then just a couple of days before we moved in we had a storm in Auckland, which are actually pretty rare especially big storms! Our window was latched shut with a piece of wire which ripped free and resulted in what you see above. I was kind of thrilled to be honest, as nice as purple textured glass is (joking…) it was very dark. I decided I didn’t have enough on my plate and reglazing it myself would be fun (looking back sometimes I don’t know what’s wrong with myself) and it would have been … If I had got the right size glass cut first time round! Oh well. Another skill learnt hopefully never to be used again!



And here we are today. Still missing some really vital pieces of bathroom equipment – such as the elusive oval shower curtain rail and shower curtain… and showering sitting down is getting really old really fast. We need a light fitting and I’m not convinced that the floor is holding up too well to the moisture but we will see.

Bath – $400 (Trade depot second via trademe)
Towel rail – $35 (Trademe)
Shower fitting – $130 direct from China

Other expenses… paint, skirting boards, dado rail.