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Broken house – Positive progress!!

Whilst our new broken house is super exciting, I had a little bit of a woe is me moment last week – infact it was whilst discovering just how long each soffit takes to paint whilst balancing on scaffolding and having a splodge of paint drip straight onto my eyeball – that some things have not been going as well as they could have done. We had a run of slow tradesmen and a total lack of ability to find any new ones, all whilst coming to terms with the fact that we were rapidly running out of time to do major work – we have to move out THIS. WEEKEND!!!


That was all until a friend recommended me this guy to do some gib fixing and plastering work. At the beginning of this week we still had 3 rooms and the hall to insulate, gib fix and stop. The guys from A12 Plastering gave an amazing quote and said they could start on Monday, so I wander over to the house and One room is fully gibbed, another room half done and the hall half done! What’s more is one single man did this on his own.. I’m totally blown away (especially as it took … two days for two of our other tradies to gib one average sized room… cough… rage…). I can’t not mention how amazing Steve has been – he came in for a quality check and called to make sure I was happy – I know it’s only really day one but WOW.

More positive progress – my father in law prepared, patched and insulated the majority of the rest over the weekend so it would be all good to go on Monday which was just super kind and amazing of him to give up his time.


More good news, we struck rock digging our trench for gas and thought we were going to have to hire a rock breaker or a jackhammer as it wasn’t quite meeting spec – called up Vector and they said all good! Weeheee!

More amazingness – my lovely Dad has been working tirelessly for days on end – actually weeks now doing all sorts of things – most recently fixing what was a very average discovery – that the back of the house was literally rotting off the foundations and angling down into the ground. He has poured concrete, jacked up the house and redone a whole bunch of the foundations and you can noticeably see the house is more level and what’s more – it’s not going to crumble into the ground any more YAY!!

Here’s hoping this run of positivity and progress keeps on keeping on. In the mean time, we are packing and shifting. Right now Jonno is moving stuff on a trailer with 2 of our best friends – um we owe our friends so much for all their help!!!! Things might quieten down as I need to spend all my spare moments packing and organising – LAME.

Um. Update. Jonno just called me in a rage because the hire trailer broke and the fridge literally won’t fit through the door. Sigh. Lets hope no one steals anything overnight :/

Lace Wedding Cake

So after much work and absolutely 110% of my spare time being taken up for the past few weeks the cake is COMPLETE! I’m thrilled with how it turned out. 

Wedding cake



I won’t ever be doing tall tiers of fruitcake again – I ended up stacking a 3″ fruitcake on a 3″ dummy so each tier was 6″. It was exceptionally challenging to marzipan the cake/dummy so it was smooth.  It was very much a learning process and by the time I’d worked my way down the bottom tier was perfect… the top ones not so much but as I realised the cake is seen for such a short period of time by everyone no one will notice the little flaws.

It’s hard to tell in the picture but the cake is ivory fondant (bakels) and the lace white fondant mixed 50/50 with gumpaste. The cake was on a stand and when the bride and groom cut the cake it almost all fell over with the excessive force of the cutting haha! That would have made for a great photo………………….

Sewing fail

I’ve been working on some more dresses for Charlotte – my sister in law is getting married next week and I’ve been making the wedding cake and thought I would bust out a late night session and finish up my sewing! What a fail that was. Ive spent hours trying to unpick and reattach the collar on the right side only to still be unhappy with the result and just cut out the entire bodice again!!!


Anyway. .  Back to finishing this cake!!

No thanks Healtheries

I’ve been enjoying herbal tea in an effort to get me to cut out the late night bingeing. Thought I’d have a casual browse of the label on this Healtheries Cranberry & Apple box and was actually pretty disappointed to see steviol glycosides listed. What the hell… seriously does tea even need to be sweetened for me? Why not leave the consumer to make that decision for themselves.

Pretty bummed I need to label check even herbal teas now…….

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Touch wood I’m still pregnant! Our scan is in two days (one more sleep when I wake up.. I’m typing in bed) and I’ve never been so keen to fast forward a couple of days of my life. In the mean time, I’m trying to do some damage control. When we conceived this time I was about 7kgs (15lb, over a stone) over my “normal” ideal day to day weight. Obviously this is due to nothing more than overeating but I like to put it down to the deep dark place I found myself in after each baby loss. Each time I would eat like crazy in secret and then after a couple of weeks and I was in a better place I’d start back at the gym again and try and work it off. Didn’t really work. Not to mention I’ve been too scared to do any serious gym work this pregnancy so that hasn’t helped.

I’ve started back at body pump and aiming for 2 classes a week, one yoga class and another weights session. I’m also trying for big walks or bike rides every day, as much for Reuben’s sanity as mine!

I know it’s a bad idea to lose weight during pregnancy and that’s not my aim – my aim here is to be healthy and maintain my muscle as long as I can too – it helps with an easier delivery and recovery and not to mention boosts your metabolism. I’d also like to not be eating any extra than I need to right now and now that I’ve got the exercising and walking back under control that’s what I’m struggling with. I’ve always always for as long as I can remember been a binge eater, always in secret and people used to not believe me when I said that because I was always relatively slim. Now… I think people would believe me a bit more 😛

So I’ll be making regular posts – I’d like to say daily but going on my past blogging history that’s just already a lie – on my diet, I have all the nutritional knowledge I need to make the healthy decisions just lacking the motivation and surely I can get that from holding myself accountable.

On this subject, nothing helps me more to make good food decisions than a good nights sleep! I’m off to sleep now, goodnight xx


poem to my stupid body

hurry up body
stupid uterus
or ovaries
or whatever the heck your problem is
just hurry up already I’m getting

at YOU

it’s not supposed to be this hard!

Wedding Ring rash

My must have jewellery is my wedding ring, it’s pretty much the only jewellery of mine that I wear everyday all day, and one of the few bits I have that I’m not allergic to!

Anyway this evening I got a mad burning sensation under my ring and it was so red, scaly and itchy (GROSS). I did some googling and it seems I’ve either got a fungus infection (niiiiiiiiiiiiice) or become allergic to something in the metal. The only way I’m finding out is by leaving it off to heal up and then seeing what happens. Bye bye wedding ring. Time for all the playground mummies to judge me for being unwed 😉


Screw you white company… this is the blanket I have been searching for forever, you got my hopes up so high when I saw it was on sale, only for the gray colour to be out of stock.

oh wool rich blanket
how I love you
I thought you had some synthetic
but I found out you were wool/alpaca
then I loved you even more
then you were out of stock

um hello poem of the year.


One of the major downsides of moving countries is the whole temporary redecoration thing. When we arrived we needed bed linen etc.. and I find it really hard to spend money on things that I know we will not be able to take home with us. Bedding is one of those things that I think you should spend as much money as you can on because you spend so much time in bed and good cotton sheets just improve with age, they get softer and more comfortable the more you wash them. However the good ones are obviously going to be expensive. So we have ended up with some really dodgey sheets because I couldn’t get my head around spending the money. And a horrible polyester filled duvet which is really really not cutting it… sigh.

I love nice modern/contemporary soft styled bedrooms. Our furniture at the moment is a lot lighter than what I would ideally choose if I had disposable income – I picked up this bed off eBay for some ridiculously cheap amount- but its really a light pine not dark like in the picture and plus I don’t have the bed curtains.

We had a beautiful real possum throw that decorated our last bed – and now it’s approaching winter I am looking to get a throw or bedspread on the cheap – time to hunt down IKEA and eBay I think.

I love neutrals for bedrooms – so relaxing and romantic and I need to get some cushions that set the bed off. Watch this space – before and after photos to come eventually (I hope).

Bye bye

Bye bye to my work and my workmates.. it has been cool working with everyone from BCM.. I certainly have learnt a few things that I will take with me ;).. hehe… I will miss you all.


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