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Knit and Crochet Cardigan

This little wrap cardi is knit from the top down with a scalloped crochet edging. Admittedly it has been lying almost finished for some time – waiting for me to build up the courage to dust off my (very much beginners) crochet skills. Last night I set to work on the border and with the help of youtube and my old friend google it was done in no time. The crochet was actually very enjoyable and I’m feeling an urge to make some little crocheted matching booties!


The pattern is [milk] from ravelry and I made a size 9 months which as you can see is a bit big on miss 5.5 months but that’s what I was aiming for – it’s only really just getting cold here. The yarn is more of the random sock yarn I bought in Berlin and made hats for us all from (here). I think a ball was a euro and this cardi would only have used a third – bargainous!


Ravelled here


My new venture…

Those of you who are friends of me on facebook may have noticed already but for everyone else I’ve started a wee business called Squeakle! It’s basically just me trying to be crafty and selling handknits and bits and pieces I’ve sewn for babies/mums.

The website’s still in development but you are welcome to take a look at or join me on facebook where I’ve been listing all my products bit by bit. It’s been way more work than I thought and made me realise just how little time I actually do have in the day but so far I’m loving it and it’s been way more successful than I thought which is pretty cool too!


Hats hats hats

Well we are off our amazing cruise and in FREEZING Berlin! It’s wonderfully sunny but with temperatures of between 2 and 5 degrees in the middle of the day we’ve all been freezing our butts off!


We arrived in the afternoon and as we were browsing the marzipan and chocolate delights in the supermarket I stumbled upon sock yarn! I used 2 strands to make my hat, and made it in just one day (proud)!


Reubens hat was made on the cruise and is unfortunately not his most loved item nor the best fitting – I forgot to account for my husbands genes (huge melon head).

Off to Miami tomorrow, I can’t believe our Europe adventures are coming to a close already!

All You Knit Is Love – Yarn stores, Barcelona

We found this gorgeous yarn shop today on our wandering around Barcelona! An absolutely lovely shop with a great selection of yarn.. I was overjoyed when I saw all the drops yarn and then the malabrigo etc.. Unfortunately my suitcase space is rather lacking (understatement of the year) so I only bought the bare essentials, some boring plain white to finish off a gift and some for a beanie for little man’s ever expanding noggin.

I love love love the little needle gauge card I got in my bag and if I ever return to Barcelona I will most definitely be heading straight back. They even have addi tips for interchangeable needles, something I never found in any store in the UK and had I done my research beforehand (bangs head on wall) I would have bought some too.

The owner of the shop was so lovely and helped out entertaining Reuben and the storefront is amazing… hubby and baby were happy staring at the automation haha.

We caught the metro to Jaume I and then walked down Carrer de la Princesa and its to the right down a side street, I think the second one. You can google it and it comes up anyway – or just head for the Picasso Museum it’s right near by.

Hopefully I can update with some finished projects soon! xx


I’ve been

Knitting! After lacking all motivation to pick up the needles for months I’ve made my first thing for the new baby, a wee pink and blue striped cardigan in Egyptian Cotton. A bit peeved that I did what I normally do which is to make a mistake, and instead of fixing it properley try and bodge it and as a result there’s a nice wee pucker on the right hand side by the buttons. Ah well hopefully you won’t be able to tell when it’s on, and it was pretty satisfying for the grand total of £2.50 in materials.

The motivation has been hard to come by even after my huge burst when I did the body in a weekend then dragged the sleeves out over a couple of Thursday night knit groups! I managed to sew in the ends yesterday and pick up a crochet hook to make a little matching headband (still need to finish this one off…). Excuse the shoddy photography it’s getting close to 2am here :/ The first photo is the most accurate colourings. The second photo makes me want to cry, stupid increase in the wrong place :(

Anyway I’ve already launched into the next project which is a bit of a mammoth undertaking but I’ll post some pics and an explanation when there is a bit more to see…. sneaky peak:

I made a jumper!!

Oh you guys I’m so proud right now. I just finished up this jumper, my first ever adult sized knitted garment. It’s a seamless raglan creation which morphed into something slightly different from what I originally envisioned but I like it none the less.

It’s knit in Drops Alpaca, which I bought when it was on sale and this jumper cost me less than 20 pounds – closer to 10 actually so I’m quite stoked!! The yarn is really warm and fine so it feels lovely and light on.

I cast on a random amount of stitches which ended up being 226, then knit straight to the underarms, cast on sleeves and  increased randomly and kept trying them on till I was happy. Then following some Elizabeth Zimmerman instructions united the sleeves and body on one big circ and started doing the decreases till I was happy with the neckline. I threw in some short rows around the back of the neck to raise it up a bit in a crescent shape (mental note: next time – more short rows) and that was that! Very satisfying to try out so many new techniques and end up with something that is actually wearable.

I walked in this evening and it took my husband about 10 minutes to realise I was wearing it – that’s a good thing, I don’t wan’t it to be obviously awful looking!! xx

[raveled here]

Toasty Toddler

I made this hat for Reubster before we left for NZ over 2 months ago and thankfully it still fits his ever expanding head…

It’s a lovely quick knit although my short row technique back then was not great and when I look at it there are some pretty yucky bits where I picked up wraps oddly or in some cases didn’t pick them up at all but hey there’s only so many more months I can get away with dressing Reub in stuff like this right?!

[raveled here] x

Tidying up…

I’m trying to get more organised with my poor neglected blog.. I quite like this new design although its far from perfect.

I’m really enjoying settling back into our winter routine.. baby R has lunch and then goes down for a nice long 3 hour nap where I ignore all housework and productive tasks and snuggle on the couch under my nice knitted blanket and catch up on quality TV, knitting and blogland. Ohhh its hard being me some days.

I’m updating my links and hopefully soon my recipe index… I like this whole being organised thing for a change. It’s nice. In the mean time.. check out my blanket I made.. I love it..

[raveled here]

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