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Easy banana oat cookies

Charlotte has just reached 6 months and im starting to think about feeding her solids! These are perfect for the weaning stage.


I used to make these cookies for Reuben all the time – they are a great fnger food especially if you make them into a skinny rectangle shape so they are easily gripped!

He still loves them now, and if we make them in a bowl with a fork he can make them all by himself! You do not need a blender. The riper the bananas the better. If you are making them for a toddler not a little baby you can add raisins, nuts, peanut butter or even chocolate chips as a special treat.

Green Power!

Spring has finally arrived in London, and it’s so lovely to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin again! I’m so looking forward to long summer days in the sun… just as soon as we get rid of Reuben’s chicken pox!!!

I’ve been on a bit of a health kick recently, my sister in law stayed with us for a few weeks and her self discipline with food really motivated me to get my eating habits back into what I consider ‘healthy’. Obviously healthy means different things to different people, but what works for me is a variant of paleo or basically low carb with minimal processed foods.

Ever since Reuben was born breakfast has been a real struggle, but I’m happy to say it’s been a week and a half now and I feel like we are winning! Neither of us has had any cereal, instead opting for this delicious smoothie. I call it a green smoothie, Reuben calls it ‘cah coh’ (chocolate) or just makes his usual hamster noise.

What we blend:

Scoop or two of whey or hemp protein isolate
1/2 a frozen banana and maybe a handful of frozen blueberries
about 3 cups of spinach (we just fill the blender to the top)
Few spoonfuls of full fat greek yoghurt (how much gets in depends on how much is eaten by Reuben in the process)

That smoothie must not have had any cocoa powder in it as it turns it brown (duh).

It’s so easy, quick, and the only way I have ever found to get spinach or kale into Reuben. Don’t tell anyone but sometimes we have this for lunch or afternoon tea too……..

In other news, I’m a bit upset that my husband snapped away rare pics of me and little R snuggling and playing all day today and… the card was not in the camera. Damn you ‘shoot without CF card’ setting! Damn you to hell.

Pecan Pie Date bars / make your own nakd/lunabars

If you don’t know what these are, go and buy one. And at the same time buy 2 x 500g packs of stoned dates (£1.34 from tesco each) and some pecans (£4.49 for 300g… ouch more than I remember) and then you can make 37 of your own (pretending you make them exactly 35g each) for £7.17 opposed to £26ish.

You can  make these way way cheaper by using cashews instead of pecans – I just way way prefer pecans. There are infinate variations, add other dried fruit, add cocoa, cinamin, spices, whatever you fancy. I think this would be a great project for little ones to help out with, such a fun texture to mash up and relatively mess free. And they are making food!

You will need –

A food processor
Dates (I use 1kg of dates per 300-400g of nuts)
Nuts (pecans are our favourite, cashews work equally well)
Any extra ingredients you want – cocoa powder, chocolate chips, dried fruit etc.
A willing taste tester always helps:

Chop the nuts in your food processor. You don’t want to grind them into dust, just into nice chunky pieces that should look something like this:

Then tip them into a bowl (use a large bowl to save on washing up later, one that you can fit everything into), and put all the dates in the food processor (you might have to do this in batches, depends on how powerful your processor is.
Blend/Pulse the dates until they are really mashed up, they should start sticking together into a ball. Often you will hear a really nasty sound while doing this and it is probably because there is a pit (stone) or two in your bag of dates. Usually best to stop processing and fish it out because it can scratch up your bowl pretty bad. The dates should eventually look something like this:

Next step is to grab handfuls of the dates and knead them into the chopped nuts. It’s a bit trial and error at first but you will quickly figure out the amount of nuts you can incorporate into the dates. I just use my hands and fold/knead lumps in. You don’t want to mix too many nuts in or else it will crumble when you make them into bars. At the same time you don’t want to put too few in or else it will just be a sticky date bar. Mine look something like this when they are finished:

Mmm attractive. Insert gross joke here. Once you have incorproated all the dates into the nuts or vice versa you want to start shaping them into bars. You can really make any size or shape that you want, depending on your needs. I tend to make my bars quite large, as Reuben loves these and would quite happily eat them all day if I let him. That way I can have one in my bag as an emergency meal…

I lay out a piece of clingfilm and roll a log in between my hands, then flatten it onto the clingfilm, and wrap it up:

Then the most important step – squash it really hard with a book:

And that’s it!

I store mine in the fridge, I think they would be fine unrefridgerated but I have no idea of their shelf life… after all they are just dates and nuts. Enjoy!

Kourtney Kardashian reads Super Baby Food

My TV watching since being pregnant has exponentially increased and I no longer think I can blame it on little R, I need to admit I am addicted…

Anyway Kourtney & Kim Take New York is my not so secret guilty pleasure – and Kourtney K is my favourite hollywood Mom for sure (see how I used american spelling there). Not only is she a super breastfeeding advocate – she has talked openly about her breast feeding experience and how sad it was for her to stop at 14 months – I spotted her reading one of my favourite baby books – Super Baby Food!

Kourtney Kardashian reads super baby food weaning book

I’ve had Super Baby Food since little R was born and it has been an invaluable resource, especially when we started weaning/eating solids around 6 months. Go buy it if you are pregnant or are weaning, it is a fab book. xx

The search for the non-ugly, non-expensive high chair

Our current living arrangement means our high chair is going to be on display a lot of the time. We have no real “dining” area in our flat, just a living room and a kitchen that is really too small to feed a baby in. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit this but all of our meals are consumed on our couch, although we do have a table it is shoved in a corner and lacking the all-important chairs. So I plan on feeding the baby in our living room over a splashmat. We are gonna try and rearrange the room to get a functional table happening but that has yet to happen.

SO – High chairs. Or highchairs. Whatever – most of them are disgusting. Who wants a huge hunk of white plastic cluttering up their house? Not me. Far out the baby sits in it not uses it as a focal point – there is no need for stimulatory colours and half the stuff most high chairs come with. Not to mention how disgustingly dirty they get, I want something simple with no hiding places for little food surprises!! So.. here is my line up for the best high chairs of 2010:


Easily cleanable, fixed support thing between legs (saw a baby slip right down in their harness the other day) and non-hideous.

1. IKEAAntilop – £10.99 + £4 tray

The classic, utilitarian IKEA Antilop. Complete it with the £4 moulded one piece tray (easy cleaning), and now the inflatable cushion £4.99 and you have a winner. Also comes in red and blue. I personally wish it came in black! Our living room is fitted out in IKEA brown black and gloss black and a black highchair would be amazing.

2. Bloom Fresco- £320ish

I suppose if I had endless cash I would probably buy this one. I did get the bloom coco baby lounger but sold it on as I never used it, didn’t really see the point of bouncy chairs for baby. It has a nice one piece tray but the rest of it has real gross baby food covering potential. The gloss black is gorgeous and I love that you can change the seat pad colours. You do pay alot but get some nice features that others don’t have – reclining, rotating, height adjustment etc. A really nice idea to go around the dinner table while you are eating from birth as you can recline it right back. Nothing like getting into good habits early…

3.  Stokke Trip trap in walnut – £130ish

I love the dark wood but despite how popular and trendy these are at the moment I don’t really get the styling. Also I hate hate that it doesn’t have a support between the legs. True you get a chair that lasts until your kid is huge but you have to buy a third party tray which I think looks grosss. Maybe suitable if you are always going to be spoon feeding and eating at the table.

UPDATE – 29/01/11

I have been using the IKEA highchair for a couple of months now and it is fantastic. I have absolutely no criticisms – Reuben is really wriggly and super strong and he loves to pull the highchair along the ground haha I have no fears that it will topple on him. It is so secure and I just dump him in it, and haven’t had to worry about doing up the buckle yet because he can’t escape (I don’t recommend this).  I know he won’t slip down and get hurt… and I don’t mind leaving him experimenting with feeding himself and making a huge mess because the tray is so well designed and easy to clean. I still wish they made it in black.