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Almond crust ultimate clafoutis

Baked custard or egg things are pretty much my ultimate desert of all time – my tastes have definately changed from anything chocolate to anything custardy! My biggest boy is learning to love all the best things too and we call this custard pie.

Stritctly a clafoutis is with whole cherries but whatevs plums, nectarines or any stone fruit work a treat. This recipe is very adaptable but don’t try leave out the cream as it won’t be tasty. Also turn the oven off when the centre is still very jiggly and leave it to coast for a bit so you don’t get an overcooked grainy rubbery custard.


Clafoutis with plums and crunchy almond crust


Clafoutis with fresh peaches and plums.

If you are low on time you can skip the crust or use prepackaged pastry but it is reallllly good.