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Sewing fail

I’ve been working on some more dresses for Charlotte – my sister in law is getting married next week and I’ve been making the wedding cake and thought I would bust out a late night session and finish up my sewing! What a fail that was. Ive spent hours trying to unpick and reattach the collar on the right side only to still be unhappy with the result and just cut out the entire bodice again!!!


Anyway. .  Back to finishing this cake!!

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Touch wood I’m still pregnant! Our scan is in two days (one more sleep when I wake up.. I’m typing in bed) and I’ve never been so keen to fast forward a couple of days of my life. In the mean time, I’m trying to do some damage control. When we conceived this time I was about 7kgs (15lb, over a stone) over my “normal” ideal day to day weight. Obviously this is due to nothing more than overeating but I like to put it down to the deep dark place I found myself in after each baby loss. Each time I would eat like crazy in secret and then after a couple of weeks and I was in a better place I’d start back at the gym again and try and work it off. Didn’t really work. Not to mention I’ve been too scared to do any serious gym work this pregnancy so that hasn’t helped.

I’ve started back at body pump and aiming for 2 classes a week, one yoga class and another weights session. I’m also trying for big walks or bike rides every day, as much for Reuben’s sanity as mine!

I know it’s a bad idea to lose weight during pregnancy and that’s not my aim – my aim here is to be healthy and maintain my muscle as long as I can too – it helps with an easier delivery and recovery and not to mention boosts your metabolism. I’d also like to not be eating any extra than I need to right now and now that I’ve got the exercising and walking back under control that’s what I’m struggling with. I’ve always always for as long as I can remember been a binge eater, always in secret and people used to not believe me when I said that because I was always relatively slim. Now… I think people would believe me a bit more 😛

So I’ll be making regular posts – I’d like to say daily but going on my past blogging history that’s just already a lie – on my diet, I have all the nutritional knowledge I need to make the healthy decisions just lacking the motivation and surely I can get that from holding myself accountable.

On this subject, nothing helps me more to make good food decisions than a good nights sleep! I’m off to sleep now, goodnight xx


Another fail

00:23. Oh well, kind of had an excuse, muscle man didn’t get home until 10:30pm (indoor cricket).  Let’s revisit this weeks goal list…

  1. Passport for little munchman
  2. Sell my cross trainer
  3. eBay old baby clothes
  4. Lose weight
  5. Go to bed early
  6. do my IKEA returns
  7. buy new baby sleepsuits
  8. learn to knit
  9. get a sewing machine
  10. visit H&M

One item crossed off and one item added. Trying to take a passport photo of the wee one is gonna be awesome. And relevant for like… a month. I wish there was a better system for flying with babies!

All in all I had a pretty unproductive day… went to the drycleaners, washed some nappies, went to IKEA (proud new owner of one white antilop highchair!), caught up on Masterchef Australia (seriously the best program ever made), and avoided tidying the kitchen all day. Feel seriously weird and dizzy, flipping hope I’m not getting sick.

failing at sleep (again)

00:03 on a school night. So much for that goal! I’m still in the lounge.. not even close to being ready for sleep.

check out what lover boy got me. ohhh yeah. can’t believe Christmas is so close… dude, this is a timely reminder of summertime in NZ approaching YEAH BABY YEAH

DecorPad is amazing.

Lets see if I can set myself some more goals for this week that I shall not achieve or probably even attempt to do…

  1. Sell my cross trainer
  2. eBay old baby clothes
  3. Lose weight
  4. Go to bed early
  5. do my IKEA returns
  6. buy new baby sleepsuits
  7. learn to knit
  8. get a sewing machine
  9. visit H&M

I pretty much know none of those are gonna happen, especially not 3 or 4 lol. dude my life is pretty awesome if these are my top 9 things to do this week 😉