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We bought a house!


And what a house!!! We have been on the hunt for a house in Auckland for many months now – so very many open homes, auctions and nights spent browsing trademe and for houses. Every weekend we have dragged our two children from home to home and often my very supportive parents to view all manner of houses. We’ve slowly refined our criteria and had a list of dream suburbs that we were getting edged out of due to the crazy property market!

Ultimately we secured this house through an amazing real estate agent – actually a pair of real estate agents who let us know about it before it even came on the market. It is in a very desirable street and is without question the ‘worst house on the street’! It has unbelievably been used for vintage car parts storage and the entire house is an absolute mess with broken bits and pieces piled from the floor to the ceiling. Every surface is filthy and not seen the slightest hint of a cleaning cloth in at least 20 years. Many of the windows are broken. The curtains are missing or rotted away and in many rooms paper is covering the glass.

The bath is filled with dirt, there are dishes in the kitchen which I think have been there for at least 20 years! Oh yes. The kitchen. I don’t even know what it is like yet because the path to it was completely blocked with car parts so we have only viewed from a distance! The toilet is almost outdoors (on the back porch) with light streaming in from gaps in the walls – hello privacy!

On the plus side, it is very original. All ceilings and doors/windows appear to be original along with the lovely stained glass window. It’s a transitional villa and almost exactly what we wanted to buy, as close to our dream house as we could ever have hoped for!

We are so very excited. There is even a strange room upstairs which I’m planning on making into a little sewing studio until we can figure out what to do with it! The entire house needs so much work. We stretched our budget to the absolute max to get this place and so the renovations are going to be quite a long drawn out process! We hope to do most of it ourselves with as much help as we can beg and borrow from our lovely families hahaha!



Cute, free, easy personalised posters!!!

Recently I was contacted by Vertbaudet asking if I would review their new, free service they have created where you can make a gorgeous poster for your kids room. For those of you not familiar with the brand – Vertbaudet is a gorgeous french childrens/babywear brand – I used to buy tons from the UK – unfortunately they don’t offer international shipping yet but in this case it’s irrelevant as you download and print it yourself! So this wonderful service is available to everyone worldwide.

free gorgeous baby girl boy posters personalised laurasaurgift charlotte poster personalised baby

I picked out this beautiful tree pic and personalised it with Charlotte’s details and it will make a perfect addition to her bedroom! They have a couple of other designs including some stylish ones for little guys, so I’m off to print Reuben’s one out tomorrow! The great thing about this service is not only that it’s free but you get total freedom in your paper choice, you could even stick it on a canvas or get it professionally printed.  Click here to make your very own one!

free poster creation baby gift


Happy poster creating!!! xx


My new venture…

Those of you who are friends of me on facebook may have noticed already but for everyone else I’ve started a wee business called Squeakle! It’s basically just me trying to be crafty and selling handknits and bits and pieces I’ve sewn for babies/mums.

The website’s still in development but you are welcome to take a look at or join me on facebook where I’ve been listing all my products bit by bit. It’s been way more work than I thought and made me realise just how little time I actually do have in the day but so far I’m loving it and it’s been way more successful than I thought which is pretty cool too!


Saturday Crafts

I’ve been so slack at updating, my blog WAS broken but it’s miraculously fixed itself tonight finally. I’ve also developed a mean sewing addiction which is soaking up any spare time I have !

2013 - April


Apple and feijoa crumble pie and a fabric covered letter for Charlotte’s room. xxx

Baby craft!

I didn’t sew the whole time I was in London, but having a working sewing machine and a dining table to put it on is so novel I couldn’t help myself.


The other motivating factor in this little project was that the only cotton cot sheets I could find were $30 for a fitted sheet and a flat sheet and boring as heck. What’s with all the polycotton for babies anyway?! Considering we barely use flat sheets and already have some beautiful ones (we mostly use sleeping bags) that seemed like a mega waste of money.

So for the sum of 14 dollars I purchased enough fabric, elastic and thread for 2 fitted sheets. I SUCK at sewing, thus is the first thing I’ve made in many many years and it was so quick and easy. The hardest part for me was measuring it out! Xxx

Look what we made

So it’s been a long time between posts! what’s been going on? Well… we travelled through Europe, USA and Fiji, landed home in New Zealand – where my parents sorted out an amazing house for us, helped them do some major renovations on it both inside and out, moved in, did some serious furniture and whiteware shopping, got our boxes from London, got our boxes that we had in storage from 3 years ago, semi unpacked the boxes, did midwife appointments, set up sky and insurance and stuff like that, caught up with friends and family, job hunted, and oh yeah had a home birth.


This is our gorgeous baby girl, long awaited and already giving us so much joy – Charlotte. So yes I’ve been busy but thanks to my awesome husband’s Christmas present (galaxy note 2!) And lots and lots of feeding time I forsee more time online! Xx

Tuesday in Pictures

We have had amazing weather in London recently but today hail, thunder and a hearty dose of being cooped up inside (except for a short stint at crèche/yoga) were on the agenda.

what we did today

Admiring my new clock for the photo wall
A bit of DIY action to make a postcard holder
Beautiful tulips on their last legs brightening this dreary day
Brocolli and bacon go together so well.. especially when cooked in garlic butter…. mmmm…
The potty has seen a surprising amount of action today! Go Reuben :)
Cards from Nanna for chicken pox man
Pile of parcels to be sent to the best country ever
My naked kitchen helper

So thankful for my stay at home mummy life!! xx

My sweet baby

Is sleeping in his cot with the sides off tonight. Guess I should probably stop calling him a baby soon…

In other news I’ve been majorly addicted/obsessive over Pinterest recently so Follow Me on Pinterest

I walked into TK Maxx on Saturday, I’ve been hunting for some decent (leather, cheap) ballet flats for flippin ages. And what did I see? These beautiful, Zara goat leather gold ballet flats that I had pinned 20 WEEKS AGO. For HALF PRICE. In MY SIZE. It’s like God was telling me that I MUST buy these shoes. And buy them I did.

Dude I love TK Maxx. So much.

Tidying up…

I’m trying to get more organised with my poor neglected blog.. I quite like this new design although its far from perfect.

I’m really enjoying settling back into our winter routine.. baby R has lunch and then goes down for a nice long 3 hour nap where I ignore all housework and productive tasks and snuggle on the couch under my nice knitted blanket and catch up on quality TV, knitting and blogland. Ohhh its hard being me some days.

I’m updating my links and hopefully soon my recipe index… I like this whole being organised thing for a change. It’s nice. In the mean time.. check out my blanket I made.. I love it..

[raveled here]


I always have so many amazing ideas about making all these incredible presents for everyone and wowing everyone with my DIY skills, unfortunately every year my DIY efforts are more like DIYfails…

This year I’m as un-organised as ever (if not more so) and frantically knitting away some Christmas stockings, baking like a crazy woman and trying to cross things off my list.

That’s my token (yet unfinished – how timely for this post) gingerbread house for this year, next year – use a template! Cut more carefully! I’ve finished a ginger and cherry panforte and need to complete the white chocolate fig version as part of my handmade Christmas efforts. Then, some jarred mincemeat and mince pies…… oh yeah, need to buy presents too!

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