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Lace Wedding Cake

So after much work and absolutely 110% of my spare time being taken up for the past few weeks the cake is COMPLETE! I’m thrilled with how it turned out. 

Wedding cake



I won’t ever be doing tall tiers of fruitcake again – I ended up stacking a 3″ fruitcake on a 3″ dummy so each tier was 6″. It was exceptionally challenging to marzipan the cake/dummy so it was smooth.  It was very much a learning process and by the time I’d worked my way down the bottom tier was perfect… the top ones not so much but as I realised the cake is seen for such a short period of time by everyone no one will notice the little flaws.

It’s hard to tell in the picture but the cake is ivory fondant (bakels) and the lace white fondant mixed 50/50 with gumpaste. The cake was on a stand and when the bride and groom cut the cake it almost all fell over with the excessive force of the cutting haha! That would have made for a great photo………………….

My new venture…

Those of you who are friends of me on facebook may have noticed already but for everyone else I’ve started a wee business called Squeakle! It’s basically just me trying to be crafty and selling handknits and bits and pieces I’ve sewn for babies/mums.

The website’s still in development but you are welcome to take a look at or join me on facebook where I’ve been listing all my products bit by bit. It’s been way more work than I thought and made me realise just how little time I actually do have in the day but so far I’m loving it and it’s been way more successful than I thought which is pretty cool too!


My first t-shirt!

So the sewing bug has bitten and it has bitten hard! My once pristine dining table has turned into a swamp of sewing machines (yes, somehow there is 2 in my living room right now), fabric, elastic and random other haberdashery items. Since inheriting the beast that is the Brother Super Galaxie, I’ve attempted a dress (in the most hideous fabric that I now can’t bring myself to wear) and now a t-shirt. Neither of these items were made with patterns and that could well be the reason for my mixed success rate, either that or my decidedly average-yet improving sewing skills!


So I had a cotton on t-shirt that I loved except ideally it would have been longer, and upon inspection looked like a project I could handle as it is basically a giant rectangle with no sleeves! Winning. So I traced it out onto my fabric and simply stitched the seams together. Now I should have pinned the bottom hem as something funky happened there but just don’t look too close and it’s ok. I attempted some homemade bias binding for a neat finish around the arm holes and neckline and it looks actually really good! Sure my seam allowances were a bit all over the show but at least they are straight haha.

Next up, a matching dress for Charlotte so I can make some embarrassing family photos oooooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

The arrival of Miss Charlotte Ruth {birth story}

Well both of my children are napping so I figured I should do something on my blog! Our gorgeous girl is 8 weeks today and it’s high time to get her birth story done and dusted.


{My sons birth story is here}

A bit of background – We had been living with my parents since returning from living in London – our house was not quite ready and Christmas and my due date (the 26th) were rapidly approaching.  I’d been emailing a midwife (in New Zealand you get to choose your midwife and all the care is free – amazing right?!) who I found online who sounded just perfect – very pro homebirth and not into intervening without good cause.


Baby craft!

I didn’t sew the whole time I was in London, but having a working sewing machine and a dining table to put it on is so novel I couldn’t help myself.


The other motivating factor in this little project was that the only cotton cot sheets I could find were $30 for a fitted sheet and a flat sheet and boring as heck. What’s with all the polycotton for babies anyway?! Considering we barely use flat sheets and already have some beautiful ones (we mostly use sleeping bags) that seemed like a mega waste of money.

So for the sum of 14 dollars I purchased enough fabric, elastic and thread for 2 fitted sheets. I SUCK at sewing, thus is the first thing I’ve made in many many years and it was so quick and easy. The hardest part for me was measuring it out! Xxx

Look what we made

So it’s been a long time between posts! what’s been going on? Well… we travelled through Europe, USA and Fiji, landed home in New Zealand – where my parents sorted out an amazing house for us, helped them do some major renovations on it both inside and out, moved in, did some serious furniture and whiteware shopping, got our boxes from London, got our boxes that we had in storage from 3 years ago, semi unpacked the boxes, did midwife appointments, set up sky and insurance and stuff like that, caught up with friends and family, job hunted, and oh yeah had a home birth.


This is our gorgeous baby girl, long awaited and already giving us so much joy – Charlotte. So yes I’ve been busy but thanks to my awesome husband’s Christmas present (galaxy note 2!) And lots and lots of feeding time I forsee more time online! Xx

Hats hats hats

Well we are off our amazing cruise and in FREEZING Berlin! It’s wonderfully sunny but with temperatures of between 2 and 5 degrees in the middle of the day we’ve all been freezing our butts off!


We arrived in the afternoon and as we were browsing the marzipan and chocolate delights in the supermarket I stumbled upon sock yarn! I used 2 strands to make my hat, and made it in just one day (proud)!


Reubens hat was made on the cruise and is unfortunately not his most loved item nor the best fitting – I forgot to account for my husbands genes (huge melon head).

Off to Miami tomorrow, I can’t believe our Europe adventures are coming to a close already!

29 weeks pregnant

I made it to the 29 week mark today and we arrived at an amazing hotel in Barcelona after a few days in (a not so amazing hotel!) Paris. Travelling is definitely harder than I thought it would be while pregnant but still very enjoyable! I’m certainly getting my waddle on though.

Very bumpy and teeth still very black 😉

(Outfit entirely from eBay – topshop leigh maternity jeans & mamas and papas maternity parka with accessories from TK Maxx)

Paris was cool although if I’m honest not as amazing as everyone had made out! My sense of smell is in overdrive and everyone and their dog smokes like a chimney there… after a few days I was over it haha. The Eiffel tower at night was probably the high point, Reuben got a bit scared at the top with all the wind and I got a bit scared in the creaky lift going up!

Belly button’s still in – although I do not ever remember seeing it this “shallow” last time, so scared it will disappear or worse pop out haha.  And some cute and very cheap purchases from the mall right next door to our hotel in Barcelona – the shop was called Auchan which from reading the label appears to be French! Haha. Never saw it in our travels in France! Might have to do some reading up on where to get maternity stuff here, everything is so cheap!

**My bad.. turns out my hubby reads my blog and the shop was actually called Alcampo.. like a gigantic amazing store of everything cheap haha. **


Seraphine Maternity

So a few weeks ago I recieved a lovely package in the post from the founder of  Seraphine Maternity Cecile Reinaud, with a letter congratulating me on my pregnancy and gifting me this beautiful Breton style dress!

seraphine maternity dress

As you can see from my previous maternity posts I’ve got a bit of a thing for Breton stripes or stripes of any kind really.. And today I finally had a chance to give packing a rest and rock my new dress around Westfield on a final London shopping trip.

It is super comfortable, and flattering although I think I need to invest in some kind of belt that works a bit better than the one I was wearing with it. I think maybe a long long thin tan one wrapped twice would look amazing!

As you can see I’m exposing my bare pasty legs so I’m off on a mission tomorrow to get some amazing maternity stockings so I can wear this dress in NY in a months time as it will be pretty chilly! I picked up some gorgeous leather flats and new sunnies to go with my outfit from TK Maxx today too… oh TK Maxx how I will miss you so!

I’d never heard of Seraphine before they contacted but I’ve been browsing their website and loving heaps of the stuff. The catalogue they sent me is just gorgeous too, and they have 20% off heaps of their best sellers this week. Here’s my favourites from Seraphine at the moment… I’m very tempted by the breast feeding tops!!

Seraphine Maternity


1. Breastfeeding Jumper Black, £52 / 2. Knot Front Short Sleeve Maternity Dress – Navy, £46 / 3. Nautical Stripe Maternity Dress – Navy & Grey, £55 / 4.Nursing Vest Top – Black, £20
You can order a catalogue on their website – I would highly reccomend it – it’s a stunning read, it’s like a magazine and I think showcases their products so much nicer than on the website too. xx

I’m still here!

Sorry for the massive hiatus in posts – we’ve been in Amsterdam (which by the way is AMAZING) and just got back today, spent most of it packing and washing


And eating


And getting the most amazing, relaxing pedicure ever!

In other news, little man has a new edition:

Yeah… a cast! We find out tomorrow whether it comes off or he needs another one. He’s been so brave and has adapted to it so well.


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