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We bought a house!


And what a house!!! We have been on the hunt for a house in Auckland for many months now – so very many open homes, auctions and nights spent browsing trademe and for houses. Every weekend we have dragged our two children from home to home and often my very supportive parents to view all manner of houses. We’ve slowly refined our criteria and had a list of dream suburbs that we were getting edged out of due to the crazy property market!

Ultimately we secured this house through an amazing real estate agent – actually a pair of real estate agents who let us know about it before it even came on the market. It is in a very desirable street and is without question the ‘worst house on the street’! It has unbelievably been used for vintage car parts storage and the entire house is an absolute mess with broken bits and pieces piled from the floor to the ceiling. Every surface is filthy and not seen the slightest hint of a cleaning cloth in at least 20 years. Many of the windows are broken. The curtains are missing or rotted away and in many rooms paper is covering the glass.

The bath is filled with dirt, there are dishes in the kitchen which I think have been there for at least 20 years! Oh yes. The kitchen. I don’t even know what it is like yet because the path to it was completely blocked with car parts so we have only viewed from a distance! The toilet is almost outdoors (on the back porch) with light streaming in from gaps in the walls – hello privacy!

On the plus side, it is very original. All ceilings and doors/windows appear to be original along with the lovely stained glass window. It’s a transitional villa and almost exactly what we wanted to buy, as close to our dream house as we could ever have hoped for!

We are so very excited. There is even a strange room upstairs which I’m planning on making into a little sewing studio until we can figure out what to do with it! The entire house needs so much work. We stretched our budget to the absolute max to get this place and so the renovations are going to be quite a long drawn out process! We hope to do most of it ourselves with as much help as we can beg and borrow from our lovely families hahaha!



Jeanswest JNR – new baby/kids line

A few weeks back I went to check out the release of Jeanswest JNR – a super cute range for 6 month –  4 year olds.


I loved it – I struggle since living in London to find cheap, stylish kids clothing here and the little stripe tees and mega cute pants are seriously what has been missing from Reuben’s wardrobe! You can pick up bits and bobs from the warehouse or cotton on kids or whatever but the quality is always a bit lacking.
Everyone in my baby group went crazy for their maternity jeans and my favourite postpartum jeans (codeword: fat jeans) are from jeanswest – they also have a lifetime guarantee on their stitching which is pretty cool! They are giving away a colouring book with purchase at the moment and it is an awesome one – Reuben has been thoroughly testing it!

Fullscreen capture 10152013 111740 AM Fullscreen capture 10152013 111714 AM

The clothes are available in most stores in Auckland and online at

No thanks Healtheries

I’ve been enjoying herbal tea in an effort to get me to cut out the late night bingeing. Thought I’d have a casual browse of the label on this Healtheries Cranberry & Apple box and was actually pretty disappointed to see steviol glycosides listed. What the hell… seriously does tea even need to be sweetened for me? Why not leave the consumer to make that decision for themselves.

Pretty bummed I need to label check even herbal teas now…….

The arrival of Miss Charlotte Ruth {birth story}

Well both of my children are napping so I figured I should do something on my blog! Our gorgeous girl is 8 weeks today and it’s high time to get her birth story done and dusted.


{My sons birth story is here}

A bit of background – We had been living with my parents since returning from living in London – our house was not quite ready and Christmas and my due date (the 26th) were rapidly approaching.  I’d been emailing a midwife (in New Zealand you get to choose your midwife and all the care is free – amazing right?!) who I found online who sounded just perfect – very pro homebirth and not into intervening without good cause.


Look what we made

So it’s been a long time between posts! what’s been going on? Well… we travelled through Europe, USA and Fiji, landed home in New Zealand – where my parents sorted out an amazing house for us, helped them do some major renovations on it both inside and out, moved in, did some serious furniture and whiteware shopping, got our boxes from London, got our boxes that we had in storage from 3 years ago, semi unpacked the boxes, did midwife appointments, set up sky and insurance and stuff like that, caught up with friends and family, job hunted, and oh yeah had a home birth.


This is our gorgeous baby girl, long awaited and already giving us so much joy – Charlotte. So yes I’ve been busy but thanks to my awesome husband’s Christmas present (galaxy note 2!) And lots and lots of feeding time I forsee more time online! Xx

Happy happy baby news

I’m so happy to be sharing that we are expecting another baby!  I’ve been really quiet on the blogging front recently – mainly due to the fact that my life has been somewhat all consumed with the dark cloud that is infertility. Every time I would go to write all I could drum up would be posts on miscarriage and how much of a depression I was struggling with and I decided I didn’t really feel I could quite express the way I was feeling appropriately, nor was I sure that I wanted my deepest thoughts and sadness out there for everyone to see forever.

I suppose because I’ve felt/been really infertile for over a year now that getting this far in the pregnancy feels just to good to be true. I also seem to be one of those lucky women who get absolutely no morning sickness or anything like that so there’s nothing to reassure me on a daily basis that there’s actually a baby inside of me. I have to admit to peeing on yet another pregnacy test as soon as we got back from France, so reassuring to see that mega dark test line appear in seconds!

Don’t get me wrong I’m beyond happy but the disbelief and nervousness that something will go wrong a bit does spoil the fun. I am totally relaxed about it and very good at not being stressed out

So that’s my news! All going well the baby will be born at my parents house in NZ. The “due date” is 27th of December, I’ll be happy if it decides to come not on Christmas day though! I still have to sort out my midwife care here in the UK as I’ve just been under the local early pregnancy unit due to my previous losses. I’ve already found a fab midwife and confirmed she can take me on for the birth in New Zealand and I can’t wait. I’m so looking forward to giving birth!


I always have so many amazing ideas about making all these incredible presents for everyone and wowing everyone with my DIY skills, unfortunately every year my DIY efforts are more like DIYfails…

This year I’m as un-organised as ever (if not more so) and frantically knitting away some Christmas stockings, baking like a crazy woman and trying to cross things off my list.

That’s my token (yet unfinished – how timely for this post) gingerbread house for this year, next year – use a template! Cut more carefully! I’ve finished a ginger and cherry panforte and need to complete the white chocolate fig version as part of my handmade Christmas efforts. Then, some jarred mincemeat and mince pies…… oh yeah, need to buy presents too!

sweet doing nothing

I’ve had some of the best two weeks of my life. I feel so blessed to be in New Zealand with my baby, relaxing, catching up with old & new friends and generally just loving my life. Time passes so quickly especially when you have a baby and responsibilities and it’s too precious not to love every moment of it and everyone in your life.

This face. I love. So much. What a freaking cute boy.

This week I will lose

Over 2kgs. I am the queen of gaining the last 5kgs, losing it, then gaining it.. getting pregnant etc etc I feel I should document how I do it.

I figure I’d quite like to lose 6kgs before we start TTC (trying to conceive) again. It’d be nice to start from “my ideal” place.
Also my ideal health. I’ve been feeling less than 100% basically since I stopped breastfeeding Reuben and my diet went down the drain like you can’t even imagine. My post-shower-crazy-itching is back with a vengeance which I can only assume is down to too much refined carbohydrates (basically what my diet consists of right now). My skin is not good and there’s only so much makeup you can put on to hide it. I’m just sick of being not 100% with how I feel and how my clothes fit, and not doing anything about it.

I feel like I kind of forgot that no one was gonna do this for me, and it’s a bit ridiculous that I have all this knowledge and experience on what to do and how to do it to not just dominate it. It’s getting me down dwelling on it. What a loser.

So lets do it!

Starting with tomorrows breakfast: 2 eggs, salad and beans! Whatever kind of beans you feel like. For me – it’s whatever happens to be in the cupboard, in a can :P. A cup of black coffee, and lot of water.

And then, for snacks/lunch/second lunch/whenever:
*more eggs
*hemp protein shake (spinach/berries/yog/water)
*frozen fish either pan fried or oven baked
*sachet of tuna (flavoured)

I’ll update with my actual diet tomorrow. But for now, its past midnight and I’ve got washing to hang out. Time for bed.. nighty night. Please share with me what’s worked for you if you’ve lost weight, or if you are happy with your body, how do you keep yourself happy with your body? xx

lazy tuesday

Loving lazy Tuesdays… relaxing on the couch with some tea (herbal) and some new cookbooks (Nigella of course).. listening to the sounds of the dishwasher doing dishes for me. Dreaming of hooking up some cushions with  my new found crochet skills.. maybe later.

Interlude to check facebook, watch some videos of the grammys and realise that little man will still  be sleeping for another hour… bliss. If I could block out the noise of the rubbish truck outside I could almost pretend that I am on the couch in New Zealand..

Look at how big munch man is getting… Looking so grown up in his jammies from Aunty Julian too…yes that is the lens cap from my camera :/

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