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Jeanswest JNR – new baby/kids line

A few weeks back I went to check out the release of Jeanswest JNR – a super cute range for 6 month –  4 year olds.


I loved it – I struggle since living in London to find cheap, stylish kids clothing here and the little stripe tees and mega cute pants are seriously what has been missing from Reuben’s wardrobe! You can pick up bits and bobs from the warehouse or cotton on kids or whatever but the quality is always a bit lacking.
Everyone in my baby group went crazy for their maternity jeans and my favourite postpartum jeans (codeword: fat jeans) are from jeanswest – they also have a lifetime guarantee on their stitching which is pretty cool! They are giving away a colouring book with purchase at the moment and it is an awesome one – Reuben has been thoroughly testing it!

Fullscreen capture 10152013 111740 AM Fullscreen capture 10152013 111714 AM

The clothes are available in most stores in Auckland and online at

Cute, free, easy personalised posters!!!

Recently I was contacted by Vertbaudet asking if I would review their new, free service they have created where you can make a gorgeous poster for your kids room. For those of you not familiar with the brand – Vertbaudet is a gorgeous french childrens/babywear brand – I used to buy tons from the UK – unfortunately they don’t offer international shipping yet but in this case it’s irrelevant as you download and print it yourself! So this wonderful service is available to everyone worldwide.

free gorgeous baby girl boy posters personalised laurasaurgift charlotte poster personalised baby

I picked out this beautiful tree pic and personalised it with Charlotte’s details and it will make a perfect addition to her bedroom! They have a couple of other designs including some stylish ones for little guys, so I’m off to print Reuben’s one out tomorrow! The great thing about this service is not only that it’s free but you get total freedom in your paper choice, you could even stick it on a canvas or get it professionally printed.  Click here to make your very own one!

free poster creation baby gift


Happy poster creating!!! xx


All You Knit Is Love – Yarn stores, Barcelona

We found this gorgeous yarn shop today on our wandering around Barcelona! An absolutely lovely shop with a great selection of yarn.. I was overjoyed when I saw all the drops yarn and then the malabrigo etc.. Unfortunately my suitcase space is rather lacking (understatement of the year) so I only bought the bare essentials, some boring plain white to finish off a gift and some for a beanie for little man’s ever expanding noggin.

I love love love the little needle gauge card I got in my bag and if I ever return to Barcelona I will most definitely be heading straight back. They even have addi tips for interchangeable needles, something I never found in any store in the UK and had I done my research beforehand (bangs head on wall) I would have bought some too.

The owner of the shop was so lovely and helped out entertaining Reuben and the storefront is amazing… hubby and baby were happy staring at the automation haha.

We caught the metro to Jaume I and then walked down Carrer de la Princesa and its to the right down a side street, I think the second one. You can google it and it comes up anyway – or just head for the Picasso Museum it’s right near by.

Hopefully I can update with some finished projects soon! xx


Seraphine Maternity

So a few weeks ago I recieved a lovely package in the post from the founder of  Seraphine Maternity Cecile Reinaud, with a letter congratulating me on my pregnancy and gifting me this beautiful Breton style dress!

seraphine maternity dress

As you can see from my previous maternity posts I’ve got a bit of a thing for Breton stripes or stripes of any kind really.. And today I finally had a chance to give packing a rest and rock my new dress around Westfield on a final London shopping trip.

It is super comfortable, and flattering although I think I need to invest in some kind of belt that works a bit better than the one I was wearing with it. I think maybe a long long thin tan one wrapped twice would look amazing!

As you can see I’m exposing my bare pasty legs so I’m off on a mission tomorrow to get some amazing maternity stockings so I can wear this dress in NY in a months time as it will be pretty chilly! I picked up some gorgeous leather flats and new sunnies to go with my outfit from TK Maxx today too… oh TK Maxx how I will miss you so!

I’d never heard of Seraphine before they contacted but I’ve been browsing their website and loving heaps of the stuff. The catalogue they sent me is just gorgeous too, and they have 20% off heaps of their best sellers this week. Here’s my favourites from Seraphine at the moment… I’m very tempted by the breast feeding tops!!

Seraphine Maternity


1. Breastfeeding Jumper Black, £52 / 2. Knot Front Short Sleeve Maternity Dress – Navy, £46 / 3. Nautical Stripe Maternity Dress – Navy & Grey, £55 / 4.Nursing Vest Top – Black, £20
You can order a catalogue on their website – I would highly reccomend it – it’s a stunning read, it’s like a magazine and I think showcases their products so much nicer than on the website too. xx

H&M Mama Maternity Wear

Second pregnancies are in lots of ways easier – you already know what you are going through and most relevant to this post – have some idea of what kind of clothing works for you. I’m gonna skim over all the negatives of second pregnancies haha! For me, last time I should have invested more in maternity clothes. I thought I was doing an expert job of wearing normal (non-maternity) clothing in bigger sizes or just figured out the styles that worked, however looking back I was pretty uncomfortable and looked pretty awful in photos!

Finding good maternity clothes is a revelation, they can be flattering, stylish and most importantly – SO COMFORTABLE! The huge downside of maternity gear is that it has a tendency to be so hideous, and SO expensive! Obviously maternity gear isn’t a huge focus of clothing designers as it is such a niche market but hey ho – living in London has some benefits and here’s my review of H&M Maternity or H&M Mama as it is called.

For some unknown reason H&M in Westfield Stratford has their maternity lingerie in the main section, completely unmarked which must confuse a lot of people looking for normal bras and as anyone that’s ever been there knows its actually on a completely different floor! Bad move H&M!

Anyway, H&M do an amazing 2-pack of feeding singlets which are long enough for I’d guess all but the last stage of pregnancy and SO comfortable.
Nice and thick, the white is completely modest. Definitely a recommended purchase, you can turn your normal PJ’s into maternity/breastfeeding PJs, wear them under sheer blouses and get away without wearing a bra, and even wear them alone with jeans or whatever. £14.99 for the two pack which I think is super reasonable compared to the prices they go for elsewhere.


I found a few breastfeeding nighties mixed in with all the normal pyjamas which I’m so stoked about  as I’ve been looking for one for freaking ages and all the decent cotton ones (who wants to sleep in polyester?!) are expensive. Found this for £12.99 and they aren’t on the website, there was only smalls there but they are quite generous smalls and still quite a few left. Just this colour/design.

H&M Feeding Nightie

This t-shirt both the short and long sleeved version are pretty good. All over ruching is flattering in pregnancy, you need to embrace it. The ties at the bottom do annoy me though, always getting untied and I’m always sitting on them with my ever expanding ass. £9.99 on sale at the moment.


That’s pretty much all I rate from H&M Maternity! They have tons of jeans and pants in different styles for very reasonable prices, both under and over bump – worth a look if you need pants.

Cloth Diaper Reviews – Wonderoos V2

This is a timely review as we are potty train(ed – do I dare say it??) And completely out of nappies in the daytime minus one wonderoo for a nap!

We’ve tried a lot of different types and brands of cloth nappies in the 2.2 years since having Reuben and these Wonderoos are fantastic. Loads of pics and full review if you click on ‘more’…..


It’s a …… GIRL!

The scan went really well, and we found out we are having a little girl!! I feel so blessed to have this healthy baby inside of me! Here’s some pics from the scan, they are all a wee bit blurry sorry as the baby was so active! She sucked her thumb pretty much the whole way through, so cute and amazing that they are already sucking their thumbs at only 16 weeks gestation!!

The lady who did the scan was lovely, I can highly recommend Babybond East London, she even waited for my husband to take our potty training son for an emergency toilet trip!! She was far friendlier than any NHS experience I’ve had and explained all of the babies anatomy to us very thoroughly.  When it came to finding out the gender it was so clear, as soon as we saw between the babies legs it was so very obvious – even before she told us, straight away I could see three bright white lines (too much looking at baby gender scans on the internet!). All in all a great experience and I think so worth the money.


Bugaboo Chameleon3 – YES PLEASE !

I need to win lotto very soon so I can upgrade to this beauty. I’ve been thinking about switching from my iCandy Apple to a Bugaboo Chameleon for this new baby, I’ve just had enough of the beast that is the iCandy and fallen deeply in love with the limited edition black and creamy white one.

But then I started doing some research (as you do when you get carried away with these things) and found out that the new Cameleon3  is coming out THIS SEPTEMBER! And you can pre-order it from a couple of places. That is just crazy out of my budget but one can dream! The huge advantage is the one piece fold and the lighter weight. Um, yes please!

Beautiful All Black edition. Sigh. Where’s the pushchair fairy when I need her 😉

Maternity Shopping – Sale time!

Best bargain: This Printed vest top by ASOS Maternity on sale for £12.50 down from £25.00. It’s viscose but feels like a lovely, stiff silk – very nice and thick to hide lumps and bumps and super trendy with pastel jeans or shorts for summer.
They also have some lovely formal-ish dresses if you have a wedding or anything coming up too.

Dorothy Perkins has tons of maternity gear on sale too for quite cheap but I can’t vouch for anything other than the basic singlets which are nice but would benefit from all over rouching (back included)

These TopShop maternity leggings are such a good buy at £15, I bought them with Reuben and they still look good as new and are so comfy on your bump! I wore them all the way until I gave birth last time and my bumps kind of huge already so am wearing them to the gym now. Highly recommended x

Cast Iron Casserole – Check!

Yes! Result! For ages I’ve been trying to score a cast iron casserole pot on the cheap – basically I’m a miser (is this the right word? I hate spending money and try and get everything as cheap as possible haha). Anyway today I was in one of my all time favourite shops in London, TK Maxx and I spotted this beautiful Cuisinart chefs casserole. I’ve been hoping and hoping that after buying a hundred Le Crueset petit casseroles that a huge one would miraculously appear at 80% off but I think I was dreaming just a tad.

I’m stoked and can’t wait to deal to some lamb shanks haha.

3L Chef's Classic Cuisinart

I freaking LOVE TK Maxx. And no, they didn’t pay me to write this haha I just genuinely think it is a fab fab store. I picked up some delicious looking Easter chocolate for a gift for £1 and a Nine West polka dot dress for £25. Happy Easter everyone! We are off to visit some family in the south of France! Woohoo!!

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