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21 weeks you tasty pumpkin

So I’m over 21 weeks now! Feeling absolutely great but man the bump is big alrighty. Much bigger than first time round with Reuben but I guess that’s to be expected. Definitely exhausting my maternity gear in the warm weather too. Baby girl is already so different to Reubs, moving all the time and waking me up at night already. I feel so much pressure low down when walking around and the need to wee all the time just has not stopped! My heartburn has taken a vacation for the last few weeks too which has been so good!

It’s been all about the roast butternut squash for the past few weeks, loaded with salt, pepper, garlic and whatever fresh herbs we have on hand (this was thyme) and roasted in plenty of butter! YUM. Oh and sprinkled with cheese? Hello carby goodness. They reckon 21 weeks is when the baby starts picking up tastes for things through swallowing the amniotic fluid so we’ll see if this little lady turns out to love pumpkin!

I’m still so amazed and enthralled with the fact there is a PERSON growing inside of me. It is such an amazing amazing wondrous miracle.. there have been babies born at 21 weeks that have survived as well (obviously far far too early, please stay safe inside little one!)

Also oddly I’ve been a bit into tidying and nesting things, which is completely pointless as we are about to pack everything up and relocate to New Zealand! I need to be channelling this energy into packing boxes and selling stuff on eBay!


My sweet baby

Is sleeping in his cot with the sides off tonight. Guess I should probably stop calling him a baby soon…

In other news I’ve been majorly addicted/obsessive over Pinterest recently so Follow Me on Pinterest

I walked into TK Maxx on Saturday, I’ve been hunting for some decent (leather, cheap) ballet flats for flippin ages. And what did I see? These beautiful, Zara goat leather gold ballet flats that I had pinned 20 WEEKS AGO. For HALF PRICE. In MY SIZE. It’s like God was telling me that I MUST buy these shoes. And buy them I did.

Dude I love TK Maxx. So much.


Screw you white company… this is the blanket I have been searching for forever, you got my hopes up so high when I saw it was on sale, only for the gray colour to be out of stock.

oh wool rich blanket
how I love you
I thought you had some synthetic
but I found out you were wool/alpaca
then I loved you even more
then you were out of stock

um hello poem of the year.

Reuben – 8 months update

My baby turned 8 months a few days ago and wow how time has flown. I keep meaning to update my blog but basically I’m too lazy. Anyway… Reuben is now “crawling” (body still on the floor but getting where he wants to go pretty quickly!) which is so exciting, I love seeing how determined he is to get places.

reuben loving on a bread stick

He still is such a good natured baby, always happy and relaxed and just goes with whatever is happening. He still is a great sleeper – although we have had many disruptions recently (to be expected – we are in New Zealand with my parents) – but on the whole fantastic he still sleeps 11 or 12 hours solidly at night and has 2 naps of 2-2.5hours each. I am in the process of weaning him from his third nap although I’m not too sure how ready he is for this yet.

His eating is going well – he has a very large appetite and I nurse him 4 x a day with 3 solid meals. I have struggled while on holiday to prepare homemade baby food like I normally do and we have resorted to using too many jars of organic babyfood. Oh well there is time to fix that.. A sample meal routine/menu for him is something like this:

Breakfast: Breastfeed & Oats/Fruit/Water blended/mashed. Sippy of water
Lunch: Breastfeed & Vegetable/Rice, sometimes fruit/oats
Dinner: same as lunch
Bed: Breastfeed

I pump almost every night before bed too which has been great as his grandparents (my parents) have enjoyed being able to feed him and I have enjoyed having such wonderful babysitters!! I want to write a review on my pump soon because it is AMAZING. But for now it is called Avent Isis iQ duo – Double electric pump – learns your rythm.

Rueben is a very curious and easily distractible baby so our nursing sessions are about 5-10 minutes long now. I haven’t had him weighed properley since we arrived in NZ but I took him on my parents scales and he is over 10kgs now (over 22lb).

All in all I love him an unspeakable amount times a million plus four and I hope he reads this one day and knows how much I love him :)

Four generations of my family

Another fail

00:23. Oh well, kind of had an excuse, muscle man didn’t get home until 10:30pm (indoor cricket).  Let’s revisit this weeks goal list…

  1. Passport for little munchman
  2. Sell my cross trainer
  3. eBay old baby clothes
  4. Lose weight
  5. Go to bed early
  6. do my IKEA returns
  7. buy new baby sleepsuits
  8. learn to knit
  9. get a sewing machine
  10. visit H&M

One item crossed off and one item added. Trying to take a passport photo of the wee one is gonna be awesome. And relevant for like… a month. I wish there was a better system for flying with babies!

All in all I had a pretty unproductive day… went to the drycleaners, washed some nappies, went to IKEA (proud new owner of one white antilop highchair!), caught up on Masterchef Australia (seriously the best program ever made), and avoided tidying the kitchen all day. Feel seriously weird and dizzy, flipping hope I’m not getting sick.

failing at sleep (again)

00:03 on a school night. So much for that goal! I’m still in the lounge.. not even close to being ready for sleep.

check out what lover boy got me. ohhh yeah. can’t believe Christmas is so close… dude, this is a timely reminder of summertime in NZ approaching YEAH BABY YEAH

DecorPad is amazing.

Lets see if I can set myself some more goals for this week that I shall not achieve or probably even attempt to do…

  1. Sell my cross trainer
  2. eBay old baby clothes
  3. Lose weight
  4. Go to bed early
  5. do my IKEA returns
  6. buy new baby sleepsuits
  7. learn to knit
  8. get a sewing machine
  9. visit H&M

I pretty much know none of those are gonna happen, especially not 3 or 4 lol. dude my life is pretty awesome if these are my top 9 things to do this week 😉