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Look what we made

So it’s been a long time between posts! what’s been going on? Well… we travelled through Europe, USA and Fiji, landed home in New Zealand – where my parents sorted out an amazing house for us, helped them do some major renovations on it both inside and out, moved in, did some serious furniture and whiteware shopping, got our boxes from London, got our boxes that we had in storage from 3 years ago, semi unpacked the boxes, did midwife appointments, set up sky and insurance and stuff like that, caught up with friends and family, job hunted, and oh yeah had a home birth.


This is our gorgeous baby girl, long awaited and already giving us so much joy – Charlotte. So yes I’ve been busy but thanks to my awesome husband’s Christmas present (galaxy note 2!) And lots and lots of feeding time I forsee more time online! Xx

Hats hats hats

Well we are off our amazing cruise and in FREEZING Berlin! It’s wonderfully sunny but with temperatures of between 2 and 5 degrees in the middle of the day we’ve all been freezing our butts off!


We arrived in the afternoon and as we were browsing the marzipan and chocolate delights in the supermarket I stumbled upon sock yarn! I used 2 strands to make my hat, and made it in just one day (proud)!


Reubens hat was made on the cruise and is unfortunately not his most loved item nor the best fitting – I forgot to account for my husbands genes (huge melon head).

Off to Miami tomorrow, I can’t believe our Europe adventures are coming to a close already!

All You Knit Is Love – Yarn stores, Barcelona

We found this gorgeous yarn shop today on our wandering around Barcelona! An absolutely lovely shop with a great selection of yarn.. I was overjoyed when I saw all the drops yarn and then the malabrigo etc.. Unfortunately my suitcase space is rather lacking (understatement of the year) so I only bought the bare essentials, some boring plain white to finish off a gift and some for a beanie for little man’s ever expanding noggin.

I love love love the little needle gauge card I got in my bag and if I ever return to Barcelona I will most definitely be heading straight back. They even have addi tips for interchangeable needles, something I never found in any store in the UK and had I done my research beforehand (bangs head on wall) I would have bought some too.

The owner of the shop was so lovely and helped out entertaining Reuben and the storefront is amazing… hubby and baby were happy staring at the automation haha.

We caught the metro to Jaume I and then walked down Carrer de la Princesa and its to the right down a side street, I think the second one. You can google it and it comes up anyway – or just head for the Picasso Museum it’s right near by.

Hopefully I can update with some finished projects soon! xx


29 weeks pregnant

I made it to the 29 week mark today and we arrived at an amazing hotel in Barcelona after a few days in (a not so amazing hotel!) Paris. Travelling is definitely harder than I thought it would be while pregnant but still very enjoyable! I’m certainly getting my waddle on though.

Very bumpy and teeth still very black 😉

(Outfit entirely from eBay – topshop leigh maternity jeans & mamas and papas maternity parka with accessories from TK Maxx)

Paris was cool although if I’m honest not as amazing as everyone had made out! My sense of smell is in overdrive and everyone and their dog smokes like a chimney there… after a few days I was over it haha. The Eiffel tower at night was probably the high point, Reuben got a bit scared at the top with all the wind and I got a bit scared in the creaky lift going up!

Belly button’s still in – although I do not ever remember seeing it this “shallow” last time, so scared it will disappear or worse pop out haha.  And some cute and very cheap purchases from the mall right next door to our hotel in Barcelona – the shop was called Auchan which from reading the label appears to be French! Haha. Never saw it in our travels in France! Might have to do some reading up on where to get maternity stuff here, everything is so cheap!

**My bad.. turns out my hubby reads my blog and the shop was actually called Alcampo.. like a gigantic amazing store of everything cheap haha. **


I’m still here!

Sorry for the massive hiatus in posts – we’ve been in Amsterdam (which by the way is AMAZING) and just got back today, spent most of it packing and washing


And eating


And getting the most amazing, relaxing pedicure ever!

In other news, little man has a new edition:

Yeah… a cast! We find out tomorrow whether it comes off or he needs another one. He’s been so brave and has adapted to it so well.


Happy happy baby news

I’m so happy to be sharing that we are expecting another baby!  I’ve been really quiet on the blogging front recently – mainly due to the fact that my life has been somewhat all consumed with the dark cloud that is infertility. Every time I would go to write all I could drum up would be posts on miscarriage and how much of a depression I was struggling with and I decided I didn’t really feel I could quite express the way I was feeling appropriately, nor was I sure that I wanted my deepest thoughts and sadness out there for everyone to see forever.

I suppose because I’ve felt/been really infertile for over a year now that getting this far in the pregnancy feels just to good to be true. I also seem to be one of those lucky women who get absolutely no morning sickness or anything like that so there’s nothing to reassure me on a daily basis that there’s actually a baby inside of me. I have to admit to peeing on yet another pregnacy test as soon as we got back from France, so reassuring to see that mega dark test line appear in seconds!

Don’t get me wrong I’m beyond happy but the disbelief and nervousness that something will go wrong a bit does spoil the fun. I am totally relaxed about it and very good at not being stressed out

So that’s my news! All going well the baby will be born at my parents house in NZ. The “due date” is 27th of December, I’ll be happy if it decides to come not on Christmas day though! I still have to sort out my midwife care here in the UK as I’ve just been under the local early pregnancy unit due to my previous losses. I’ve already found a fab midwife and confirmed she can take me on for the birth in New Zealand and I can’t wait. I’m so looking forward to giving birth!

Tuesday oractuallywednesday in Pictures

Snuggley cuddley curious george watching
Beautiful park in Grenoble
Reuben doing housework on vacation
20 mins drive from park in picture 2
Handsome men
More extreme handsomeness
Elana … Reuben’s best rabbit friend
Favourite activity

Cast Iron Casserole – Check!

Yes! Result! For ages I’ve been trying to score a cast iron casserole pot on the cheap – basically I’m a miser (is this the right word? I hate spending money and try and get everything as cheap as possible haha). Anyway today I was in one of my all time favourite shops in London, TK Maxx and I spotted this beautiful Cuisinart chefs casserole. I’ve been hoping and hoping that after buying a hundred Le Crueset petit casseroles that a huge one would miraculously appear at 80% off but I think I was dreaming just a tad.

I’m stoked and can’t wait to deal to some lamb shanks haha.

3L Chef's Classic Cuisinart

I freaking LOVE TK Maxx. And no, they didn’t pay me to write this haha I just genuinely think it is a fab fab store. I picked up some delicious looking Easter chocolate for a gift for £1 and a Nine West polka dot dress for £25. Happy Easter everyone! We are off to visit some family in the south of France! Woohoo!!

Rear Facing Car Seats – BeSafe Izi Combi x3

This was our first extended rear facing car seat, and is permanently in one of our cars until R outgrows it. It is a gorgeous seat, very plush and has tons of fancy features that really make this a luxury car seat – and as such comes with an accordingly high price tag. I think you can get this for around £260 if you shop around.

The main plus points for this seat are:
It is one of the highest scoring ERF out there. With excellent side impact protection as well.
I think the softest, comfiest, most solid rear facing seat money can buy.

Other great points
Has an amazing magnetic belt system, which keeps the straps out of the way so you don’t have to fish them out from under your baby when buckling him in.
Wonderful shoulder/headrest adjustment system. You just grip a bit on the back and pull up, which at the same time moves the shoulder strap height. Really easy.
Multiple reclining positions. This would be a huge plus in most other cars than ours. Our rear seats (7 series BMW) have a very steep angle on them which means that the most reclined position is barely reclined at all, and the most upright position is too upright. But a huge plus in other cars. You just lift a lever under the seat and adjust with your hand.

It is huge and weighs a ton.
The first time we installed it was rather fiddly. I have since removed and installed it and it was much easier, although I’d be lying to say it is a piece of cake.
And yeah… once again it is pretty huge. I’m going to see if it fits in the middle soon but I think it probably wont due to how wide it is and how far back my husband needs his seat to drive.
It only rear faces to 18kgs. This is probably ample for some kids but my son is pretty huge and I can imagine we will have to retire this seat at some point unless we have another baby!


So I’m getting quite addicted to this knitting buisness and picked up some patterns in France. Bad idea, they are so gorgeous and now I want to knit them all!! Small problem, I don’t remotely speak french and the patterns are… intense.

This is how they write increases etc

depuis le debut de l’ouvrage, augmenter de chaque cote au debut de chaque rg:
1 fois 3m.,
11 fois 2m. = 68m.

As far as I can tell, this translates in English to something like..

since the beginning of the work, increase each side at the beginning of each row:
3m 1 times.,
2m 11 times. = 68m.

Oh my god i totally worked it out.

[FRENCH]en coloure blue marine monter 18m
tricot 4 rgs au pt jersey end prendre le coloure  vert et continuer en tricotant au pt jersey end

en meme temps depuis le debut de l’ouvrage, augmenter de chaque cote au debut de chaque rg:1 fois 3m., 11 fois 2m. = 68m.


Cast on 18 stitches in navy blue.
Knit 4 rows in stocking stitch then take the green color and continue knitting in  stocking stitch

then increase each side at the beginning of each row: first row has 3 stitches either side increase, then increase every row by 2 stitches either side (knit 11 rows).

Good times!

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