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Happy happy baby news

I’m so happy to be sharing that we are expecting another baby!  I’ve been really quiet on the blogging front recently – mainly due to the fact that my life has been somewhat all consumed with the dark cloud that is infertility. Every time I would go to write all I could drum up would be posts on miscarriage and how much of a depression I was struggling with and I decided I didn’t really feel I could quite express the way I was feeling appropriately, nor was I sure that I wanted my deepest thoughts and sadness out there for everyone to see forever.

I suppose because I’ve felt/been really infertile for over a year now that getting this far in the pregnancy feels just to good to be true. I also seem to be one of those lucky women who get absolutely no morning sickness or anything like that so there’s nothing to reassure me on a daily basis that there’s actually a baby inside of me. I have to admit to peeing on yet another pregnacy test as soon as we got back from France, so reassuring to see that mega dark test line appear in seconds!

Don’t get me wrong I’m beyond happy but the disbelief and nervousness that something will go wrong a bit does spoil the fun. I am totally relaxed about it and very good at not being stressed out

So that’s my news! All going well the baby will be born at my parents house in NZ. The “due date” is 27th of December, I’ll be happy if it decides to come not on Christmas day though! I still have to sort out my midwife care here in the UK as I’ve just been under the local early pregnancy unit due to my previous losses. I’ve already found a fab midwife and confirmed she can take me on for the birth in New Zealand and I can’t wait. I’m so looking forward to giving birth!

Liberty Love

liberty premium high dunks print d nike

pretty much in love with these liberty / nike collaboration premium high dunks… not sure if I would buy them myself though considering I’m against paying RRP fr anything and they will sell out… that and I don’t really need another pair of high tops

lazy tuesday

Loving lazy Tuesdays… relaxing on the couch with some tea (herbal) and some new cookbooks (Nigella of course).. listening to the sounds of the dishwasher doing dishes for me. Dreaming of hooking up some cushions with  my new found crochet skills.. maybe later.

Interlude to check facebook, watch some videos of the grammys and realise that little man will still  be sleeping for another hour… bliss. If I could block out the noise of the rubbish truck outside I could almost pretend that I am on the couch in New Zealand..

Look at how big munch man is getting… Looking so grown up in his jammies from Aunty Julian too…yes that is the lens cap from my camera :/

home sick

I’m back in London after 2 amazing months in New Zealand… what a contrast…
dull and gray from bright and sunny
cold and wet from warm and humid
just us from family and friends.. I guess it’s this last one that makes the most difference. It has been such a fun time having all our family and friends around for the past few months, I miss you guys so much already.

It’s really weird coming home to our flat here, to be honest I had kind of forgotten what it was like after 2 months. It is nice though, Reuben’s room is so bright and cheerful – I just stuck up the R E U B E N letters from Erica too which are super cute.

And one of the best bits about coming home – My wonderful hubby bought me the best birthday/wedding anniversary/valentines day presents ever… I feel so spoilt. I got  a kitchenaid stand mixer and this amazing kenwood food processor. No excuses now to get out of baking 😉

Of course Reuben is now over 9 months.. I feel like this year is flying by and soon he will be one year old! Can’t believe it. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I have a baby of my own, let alone a crawling handsome little charmer haha. His crawling is still on his belly, and he has just started pulling himself up on stuff. We gave him his first haircut 2 days ago, and he jammed his fingers in a drawer this morning :(



One of the major downsides of moving countries is the whole temporary redecoration thing. When we arrived we needed bed linen etc.. and I find it really hard to spend money on things that I know we will not be able to take home with us. Bedding is one of those things that I think you should spend as much money as you can on because you spend so much time in bed and good cotton sheets just improve with age, they get softer and more comfortable the more you wash them. However the good ones are obviously going to be expensive. So we have ended up with some really dodgey sheets because I couldn’t get my head around spending the money. And a horrible polyester filled duvet which is really really not cutting it… sigh.

I love nice modern/contemporary soft styled bedrooms. Our furniture at the moment is a lot lighter than what I would ideally choose if I had disposable income – I picked up this bed off eBay for some ridiculously cheap amount- but its really a light pine not dark like in the picture and plus I don’t have the bed curtains.

We had a beautiful real possum throw that decorated our last bed – and now it’s approaching winter I am looking to get a throw or bedspread on the cheap – time to hunt down IKEA and eBay I think.

I love neutrals for bedrooms – so relaxing and romantic and I need to get some cushions that set the bed off. Watch this space – before and after photos to come eventually (I hope).

Welcome to my new life

Its been a long long time since I have updated. I’m so slack. I don’t even have a good excuse.

I’m still a long way from the lovely country I call home, New Zealand. While everyone there enjoys stunning summer days and long evenings, we have rain, sleet, snow, and darkness at 4pm.  The last 6 months have brought an entirely new way of life for me, and one major unexpected change.

You know that saying about plans going astray, well, yeah, I can verify that is true 😉 Still, my life is very nice right now, just a bit different from our plans of just a few months ago. We always had planned on coming to London for a few years to work. We planned on having a baby at some stage and coming back to NZ to settle. Little did we know that I was already pregnant when we left glorious New Zealand! So that was one small spanner in the works. I looked for work solidly for a few months once we arrived, but there was just no software development jobs going. In hindsight I should have given up looking a lot earlier and worked in a cafe, but I didn’t, and well, then it became too late because I sprouted a somewhat huge baby bump. Thankfully my husband landed a sweet job very soon after we arrived (and they love him, he has just had a promotion!), otherwise we would have been on the next plane home.

on the tube, blissfully unaware of the baby growing in there

So, here I am, jobless, and growing a baby in my belly. People ask me what I do and I have a hard time answering – what on earth do I do? Well, I spend a lot of time on eBay, that’s for sure. Having a baby has increased my addiction even further and opened my eyes to the designer baby second hand clothing market. Thankfully we also bought a car that turned out to be a piece of crap, because I spend lots of time fixing it or visiting our mechanic, who I am getting to be quite good friends with haha. I go for walks, I go shopping and have hot chocolates, I cook and sometimes I even clean.

Yeah. My life is pretty sweet. And on top of this I seem to have been blessed with the worlds easiest pregnancy. I haven’t had any morning sickness, or anything weird like that, and I’m only just getting to the uncomfortable stage where I walk the poor baby into door frames and stuff.

31 weeks pregnant

31 weeks pregnant!

What else is going on….


Birthday Cake for Melissa

This was a cake for my friend Melissa who turned 12 years old last week.

Pink Candy Cane Cake

Inside the cake was what I normally bake when I am not sure of someone’s preference, layers of chocolate and vanilla cake with a chocolate buttercream.

Happy Birthday Pink Cake Stripes

melissa and her cake

Ladurée at Harrods


I have only been in London a few weeks and already I have hunted down two French patisseries for the sole purpose of buying macarons. Last week when we were in Canary Wharf for interviews I stumbled upon Paul and bought a giant macaron. Unfortunately no one was sure what flavour it was, and even after sharing it and eating it neither of us had figured it out. The texture however was devine and it was far richer than the Ladurée ones, but obviously very bland. I think the huge one from Paul was 2 pounds something, and roughly equates to 3 or so of the little Ladurée ones which were 9 pounds 80p for 6 + a pretty box. Ouchie.

After discovering last night that there are two Ladurée shops in London – First stop today was Harrods. Which of course is packed full, mainly with tourists, and looks to have quite a cool food court with people chowing into these amazing looking gelati/sundaes.  But I wasn’t there for any of that and in fact we made it through the ground floor in possibly record time to end up in Ladurée.


Hubby helped me pick out 6 little macarons – here is my verdict. (L-R in pic above)

Orange Blossom – hubby chose this flavour and although I wouldn’t have done so myself I quite like it. The green ganache slightly put me off but it does taste very floral.

Salted butter caramel – Third place? Almost sticky ganache, with a scorched caramel flavour.

Vanilla – rich with vanilla seeds, although tastes slightly pasty almost. On second thoughts the aftertaste is of an amazingly rich vanilla icecream.

Chocolate -Thick and rich with a nice deep ganache. I give second place to this guy. I think this may actually have been bitter chocolate, they didn’t have both available and this is light and not so sweet.. I wonder.

Rose – amazing rose flavour, super fluffy ganache almost like whipped cream, consistency too thin for my liking but still devine, strongly rose scented and tasting like turkish delight.

Pistachio – My favourite, densest and delicious, with a nice texture. Mmmm.

All in all amazing! If you want to make me happy – buy me macarons. Pistachio ones if you are too scared to choose 😛

Is it sad that my goal is to try all the flavours? Haha. The berry ones, and of course lots more pistachio ones 😉 And to be fair, I must of course compare with all the ones from Paul and then Pierre Herme when in Paris!!


One of the reasons I didn’t mind so much moving to London was that Paris was apparently so close by. Now I am yet to discover that nor see any cheap way of getting there, but I made an amazing discovery, there are not one, but two Ladurée stores in London. Ladurée and Pierre Herme may or may not have been two of my biggest driving factors to go to Paris…

image from

I’m really annoyed I missed seeing bodyworlds it closed just before we arrived here. There is an exhibition on at the welcome collection called “Exquisite Bodies” which is sort of not really similar, well, its wax models anyway and has the added bonus of being free.


Because we don’t have our own place or any jobs yet I’ve been thrifting it up a bit in the kitchen. Otherwise known as cooking like a povo/1940s housewife. The food I have been making is weird to me and to be honest I’m a terrible cook so a lot of it has been very average. I wish you could just bake everything.

I made the weirdest sauce ever to go with this roast chicken last night. All I have is wholemeal flour, rice, pasta, tiny bit of butter, milk and some vegetables and meat. So I did the roast with some roast carrots, haha, and it was looking pretty disturbingly bland. So I thought I would make gravy, but I couldn’t because a) I hadn’t made the chicken stock yet and b) wholemeal flour does not a good gravy make. So I did white sauce with wholemeal flour lol – I liked it, tastes like a mix between bread sauce and white sauce haha both of which I love but have never made myself.

What other weird things have I done… oh yeah.. hot chocolate with wholemeal flour – HAHA – do not recomend, rice pudding with evaporated milk, porridge with evaporated milk, and washed so many freaking saucepans because there is no dishwasher and no microwave, ahhh, so not used to having to actually do this stuff myself lol.

Anyway most people would probably be a bit disturbed at what I have been cooking but Jonnos pretty good and takes it in his stride although I do wonder what he is thinking haha. I have done some baking and did a batch of cocoa brownies with a layer of ganache which were proclaimed the best ever, made with wholemeal too although you couldn’t tell.

Oh yeah I have been epicly sick so been in bed all day, browsing, learning ASP.NET, reading food forums, deafening myself with dance music, you know the usual. I really need to find a wallet and I am scared of how cold it is going to get and how little warm clothes I have. Never fear. I will survive.

xx L L

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