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So frustrating!!!

It is so hard for me to work on the house! the past two days I’ve only momentarily popped in with 2 children in tow and popped out again. I did a few hours of late night cleaning but other than that – that’s all I’ve done! The rewiring is finished now which will make working at night much easier and with people finishing up work we will have more babysitters available. My goal for the next few days is to set up a safe baby area so I can actually do bits and pieces on the house in the day time.

There’s currently a gaping hole in the bathroom floor where the hot water cylinder used to be and destroyed the floor. A builder is starting on friday YAY and he is going to fix that and gib a couple of rooms for us quick smart – I can’t wait. My pressing job is to kill off some mould and paint a couple of ceilings and get some better window locks.
Quick update over xx


Im so addicted right now, it’s actually like a drug to me. Day one cold turkey and I feel ill, sleepy, shaky and cold. I have a headache.


Me at 3 cranking into some cake

Going to bed because I can’t deal! This is so ridiculous…

Uuummm. And Sun.

I forgot about my blog again. Opps. Sorry. Anyway diets going okay, first week was fab, second week = fail, and this is week 3 which is going great. Although I think I’ll probably only be the same weight at the end of this week as I was at week one, damn will power fail.

Reuben’s really great at playing by himself and entertaining himself, to the point where sometimes I feel like I’m not interacting with him enough. This is a great artice on letting your child play how they want , and we have had the most amazing weather here recently and Reuben has been roaming the garden playing for hours today.

Day 5?

I’m so tired right now I can’t even remember what I came here to write. So tired. Spent all day driving/dealing with babies/children/emotions and I need to go to bed

So I can

wake up


How was your day?

Mine started out fab. Reuben & I had breakfast, he had a huge nap, I drank lots of coffee and did some knitting, we went out to browse a knitting shop and have coffee with some gorgeous knitty friends and gorgeous babies,

happy happy

and then

get home, Reubey is playing so happily, I’m knitting in the lounge and he crawls off into his bedroom and I stay put, can hear him crashing around with his duplo and stuff… 20 mins or so later he crawls out all smiley

and then

OOOOOOOOhHHHHHHMMMMMMMYYYYGOD there is POO EVERYWHERE. He has somehow managed to undo one side of his nappy resulting in complete poomageddon. Did you read the bit above where he had crawled from HIS BEDROOM TO THE LOUNGE??? yeah. with half a nappy on. And poo everywhere. Ohh. Funn. Then it dawns on me that this is my child… and I’m the one that has to clean it up. Haha. Glorious Mum moment.

So shower/bath/30 mins later OKAY So he’s clean. Back into his room, try not to cry while seeing poo smushed into new carpet … room looks like some kind of crime scene with duplo covered in poo… ย he had obviously taken his walked and rolled it back and forth over the poo.. anyway.. I digress from the next moment in my day… So I plonk him onto his change table and unwrap the towel from around him…


Reubs is coooooooovered in ย rash. Slight panic.
/skip the boring trip of my day/

Oh joy. That was a surprise. I like to think I’m pretty in touch with how wee man is feeling etc as we are quite joined at the hip for a good portion of and he hasn’t been acting terribly out of sorts. Last week I had to go to hospital after I had a miscarriage (that’s a story for another day) and then again for an oral surgery appointment for my jaw so we spent a good amount of time in that disease ridden place…. and I’m sure he picked it up from there. Apparently 7-14 days from infection to rash so that would work out.


Trap him in a corner of his room behind the couch while I deal to the aftermath of poomageddon…. except I hadn’t trapped him, he had crawled off and slithered out into my bedroom.. prceeding to empty everything from 2 drawers of a bedside table.. containing all my makeup.. yay!!

Carpet is clean. Room no longer smelling 110% of excrement. Now like 50% poo 50% wet carpet. Go baby hunting… aha! Reach for baby and step on a square jar of moisturiser and roll my ankle, almost fall onto squishy baby…

and so on and so on

rah rah rah.. day didn’t get much better for me or reuben poor boy developed a bit more of a fever and spent a lot of time snoozing on my tummy in the evening. oh well I ate lots of cake……. wait that’s not a good thing either :<

but seriously, at not one point in this day did I feel unhappy or despair (until my husband got home, but thats another story .. f**king cricket) .. because I love my sweet little poo making baby.. and I feel so bad for him that he’s all uncomfortable with the measles… If I could have it for him I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Loving on my stinkster squiggle machine…….. Lau x

Nursery Themes – Vertbaudet ANIMOLAND

If my little boys nursery wasn’t already decked out in BARNSLIG gear from IKEA I would totally go with this theme. I am completely in love… it is fairly pricey though.. well much more than the IKEA stuff I forked out for ๐Ÿ˜‰

animoland set

Check it all out at Vertbaudet

Baby Reuben Week One

What a week! This week was a week of learning for me. Learning how to breast feed, learning how to change nappies (!!), learning that you can function on so much less sleep than you ever thought possible, learning that 0-3month old clothes are way too big, newborn clothes are too big, and tiny baby clothes are still a little too big! And of course you only bought 0-3m clothes (thank goodness for grandparents!)… learning that you still look 5 months pregnant straight after having a baby!

Baby on his birthday:

I also found that as happy as I thought I was about his birth there were so many things that bugged me about it – and writing his birth story was very therapeutic for me and helped me feel much more positive about it. All I will say on the matter is that my next birth experience will hopefully be very different. And being back home in New Zealand where you can choose your midwifes and have much more say in your healthcare will facilitate this! I also learnt that no matter who is with me, I need to stick up for what I want and stay strong, not just about the birth but also with regards to parenting etc, because I am the one that has to deal with the outcome.

Parenting is way, way harder than I could have ever imagined. Yeah everyone says its hard and maybe I was just naive but really there is no way to explain it until it happens to you. It’s not that I’m not really enjoying it as well, but I think its good to be realistic about it! I have a whole new-found respect for all Mums & Dads, and especially single parents, I just couldn’t have got through this week without the support of my wonderful husband and my parents.

All in all this week totally flew by in a mixture of tiredness, nappies, feeding, emotions and wonderful snuggly new baby-ness. Having a baby is the most awesome thing I could ever imagine.

Highlights of the week:

  • Having a tiny baby that is mine to hold and cuddle and kiss whenever I want!
  • Seeing my husband in a whole new light.
  • Having my Mum & Dad here to help with everything.
  • Seeing what Reuben will look like when he smiles! (Yeah I know it’s just gas haha)
  • Having a happy, alert baby. He really is such a chilled out little man, he seems such an old soul. I can’t wait to get to know him better.
  • His cord falling off! Such a relief that it fell off so early, just 4 days after he was born. It made me nervous cleaning around it and making sure it was safely out of his nappies etc.
  • Learning that after only 5 days Reuben had regained his birth weight. Go me, I am a feeding machine haha..

Lowlights of the week:

  • Learning that breast feeding hurts way, way more than I could ever have imagined. Reuben has a pretty bad latch on at the moment, and is really ‘nipple feeding’ instead most of the time.
  • Sleep deprivation. Enough said.
  • Crying at everything for no reason. I had to go to bed one night when my parents and husband were watching a movie it was making me so ridiculously sad.
  • Still not having a name for baby! (obviously I have changed this post to update his name ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Baby day 1 (after scratching himself in the eye and having it get a bit swollen):

Newborn babies sleep so much more than I could ever imagine. He is only awake to feed and then he goes back to sleep! When he is awake though, his eyes are so big and wide. I wonder how much he can see and what he is thinking…

Brownie Banoffee Pie

SO much GOOD in one baby tart. I made these to take to a sleepover with my 3 best friends in the entire world. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Very excited because we don’t get to hang out that often, especially not for a whole night now that we are like, semi-adults and all that have jobs and stuff. Yay! xx
This may or may not be the best desert ever invented by me in the entire world. Yes. Yes.
Banoffee Pie (So biscuit base, sticky toffee caramel filling, a layer of fresh bananas, topped with sweet whipped cream and a heart shape of rich decadent brownie)

Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes for sale

Rich Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes with a Cherry Cream Cheese frosting. All made from scratch with real vanilla beans and cherries. Filled with your choice of caramel, chocolate ganache, white chocolate mousse and a whole heap more available on enquiry.

$2.50 each or 1 dozen for $28

Topped with edible sugar flowers…


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