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Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Touch wood I’m still pregnant! Our scan is in two days (one more sleep when I wake up.. I’m typing in bed) and I’ve never been so keen to fast forward a couple of days of my life. In the mean time, I’m trying to do some damage control. When we conceived this time I was about 7kgs (15lb, over a stone) over my “normal” ideal day to day weight. Obviously this is due to nothing more than overeating but I like to put it down to the deep dark place I found myself in after each baby loss. Each time I would eat like crazy in secret and then after a couple of weeks and I was in a better place I’d start back at the gym again and try and work it off. Didn’t really work. Not to mention I’ve been too scared to do any serious gym work this pregnancy so that hasn’t helped.

I’ve started back at body pump and aiming for 2 classes a week, one yoga class and another weights session. I’m also trying for big walks or bike rides every day, as much for Reuben’s sanity as mine!

I know it’s a bad idea to lose weight during pregnancy and that’s not my aim – my aim here is to be healthy and maintain my muscle as long as I can too – it helps with an easier delivery and recovery and not to mention boosts your metabolism. I’d also like to not be eating any extra than I need to right now and now that I’ve got the exercising and walking back under control that’s what I’m struggling with. I’ve always always for as long as I can remember been a binge eater, always in secret and people used to not believe me when I said that because I was always relatively slim. Now… I think people would believe me a bit more ūüėõ

So I’ll be making regular posts –¬†I’d like to say daily but going on my past blogging history that’s just already a lie – on my diet, I have all the nutritional knowledge I need to make the healthy decisions just lacking the motivation and surely I can get that from holding myself accountable.

On this subject, nothing helps me more to make good food¬†decisions¬†than a good nights sleep! I’m off to sleep now, goodnight xx


Lamb Sausage Fritatta

This is a fab meal, pretty paleo (if you do dairy) or easily adaptable to be so. Add whatever meat or veges you have, toddlers pretty much all love it so it’s a great way of cramming concealed veges in and so flavourful for adults too. Super high protein. If you don’t do dairy swap the cream for coconut cream or milk, and the butter for coconut oil.

This meal may or may not have come from Reuben dropping an entire carton of eggs on the floor and every single one of them cracking :)

I want to say thanks to Waitrose for making these awesome lamb sausages, I have a mega hard time finding decent sausages in this country (no¬†offence¬†but I hate pork sausages) and found these at the deli counter, only 1.50 for 5! Score. Cheap meal. Well… 7 free range eggs aren’t the worlds cheapest but still.

7 lightly beaten/mixed eggs
1/2C cream (or milk, coconut cream, whatever)
5 lamb sausages – thanks waitrose
Capsicum or Red Pepper sliced finely

If you have an oven proof skillet/frypan now is the time to use it. Other wise you will have to bake your fritatta in a cake pan like me which makes more evil dishes!

Fry off chopped onion, garlic, carrot and sausages in a knob of butter. Add remaining ingredients and mix together. Put into your oven safe dish and bake at 200C for about 20 minutes until the edges are puffed and golden.

ENJOY .. with some healthy spinach leaves :) x

Paleo/Low Carb/Gluten Free Banana Cake





I try and eat paleo all the time (that’s another post in itself), and it makes me so sad because I love cake. So much. Until now everything I’ve tried to bake that¬†loosely¬†conforms to the “rules” of paleo has tasted either like a bit of a brick or a combination of wallpaper and baking soda. So pretty much I used to just give up and make evil refined sugar cake.

This cake is AMAZING. So satisfying thanks to the dense almond flour, the coconut gives it a real good crumb, the perfect amount of sweetness (once you eat low carb for a while then you will start to find regular baked goods way too sweet) and best of all made with completely natural ingredients with no refined carbohydrates or nasty vegetable fats. And so easy! One bowl – well two really because you have to melt the butter in something but just whack everything in and mix. You don’t even have to worry about over or under mixing. I actually prefer this to my all time favourite, white sugar and white flour packed banana cake recipe. CRA-ZY.

I’ve adapted this recipe from Paleo Gourmet

3 cups almond flour
1/2 cup desicatted coconut
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 cup butter, melted and cooled
2 tsp raw honey *this amount is up to you. 2 tsp won’t ¬†be enough for some but I recommend starting with it and seeing how you go.
3 large eggs
1 tablespoon real vanilla extract
80g very dark chocolate chopped or chips (we use lindt 85% or 90%)
4 very ripe bananas, mashed
1/4c raisins or sultanas (optional)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees/180 celcius. ¬†Line a 8″ square tin with baking paper.

In a large bowl, mash the bananas. Mix in the eggs, melted butter, honey, chocolate bits, raisins and vanilla. Add the almond flour, coconut, salt, and baking soda. Mix everything really well.

Bake for 20 to 35 minutes, until the cake is golden brown and springs back to the touch.


I’ve calculated the nutritional info as one cake makes 12 servings which are really very generous servings.

Each piece has 9g of protein, 25g of fat and only 7.5g of sugars. If you’re into calorie counting (you shouldn’t be) – 322 calories per serve. And those sugars are coming from fruit and a touch of natural honey, nothing else.

*Disclaimer – I know a lot of people will consider bananas to be not paleo and yes they are high on sugar/starch, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend eating a ton of them but they are a far better alternative than sugar or any sweetener ever in my books.



So had to go to a funeral today for my hubs lovely Aunty. I had a headache before we even left, and after the 1.5 hour drive + crying my eyes out I was left with a thumping migraine which ended up in me throwing up outside a petrol station. Barely ate anything all day, some eggs, some nuts, a bit of chicken, that’s about it.

Won’t be having any more coffee for a long time, which is a shame because I love the taste but it has such a bad effect on me when I stop drinking it, which leads me to believe that it’s not great for me. I only ever get migraines when I don’t have coffee. I can avoid this by always drinking coffee of course……………….

No weight updates till tomorrow x

2.5kgs of water weight down! I kill for chocolate

Like the title says, stepped on the scales this morning and boom booooom! I fully know that most of it is water, but still, face bloat is gone so that’s all good. I need to get a weight graph on here with no numbers on as my weight is a life secret, even from hubby haha.

I’m loosely doing the Four Hour Body by Tim Ferris. Although I’m doing less carbs as he recommends beans with most meals and I know I just can’t do that and would prefer to eat more fat/protein. I’m doing cheat day 1x a week, Saturday, oh my life, I’m so looking forward to my mocha latte and chocolate croissant and grapes!! Hahah.

3 day loser

What an odd day.. I woke up this morning feeling mega iffy, shaky, feverish and so yuck. So yuck that Jon stayed home and worked from home. It’s pretty rare for me to feel really bad. I had huge problems sleeping last night too.

Reuben is hilarious right now he’s toddling around full speed with a cricket ball in one hand and a car in the other… anyway

I can only assume it’s my body adjusting to this new diet. I’ve had a great day diet wise although oddly I’ve felt kind of hungry all day even though I’ve eaten loads volume wise.

I ate 3 eggs for breakfast this morning. And spinach. 3 eggs sounds like a lot but I dunno it took me a while to eat I guess so didn’t seem too bad. I put the tiniest splash of cream in my coffee today which made me feel quite a lot more human.

What else did I do… Had tuna which was soooooo salty with my salad for lunch.

1 tsp pb snack with coffee

coconut chicken curry for dinner, which was sooo watery and dry chicken. haha. cooking fail. needs more work.

Anyway, I stepped on the scales this afternoon and saw a much lower number than I was expecting especially as it was the afternoon, I normally weigh in the morning and I’d been sittning on my butt all day.

Hopefully my mental fog will lift soon because I’ve literally been struggling to remember what I’m supposed to be doing for the rest of the week, and I’ve had no motivation to do any knitting which is odd because I’ve just been lazing around at home all day. Never ending blanket really is becoming never ending!

2 days of losing

you know what I would kill someone for? A mocha from a coffee shop. Dude I would killlllllll for one right now. *sips cold black coffee* :S

Anyway. Despite that stupid thought that is going round and round and round in my head (along with the one for 95% cacao chocolate) I’ve done well :)

*eggs & spinach
*tuna & spinach
*salad & fish. flipping hungry so I added 1 whole avocado … hmm.. and it was DELIEEEEEEECIOUS.

1 cup of coffee and lots of water although probably not enough water. I feel kind of yuck right now and my stomach kind of hurts too. sigh. I’m waiting for the fog to clear from my head and feel amazzzzing. I took a picture of my muffin top yesterday for your viewing pleasur when there is a change.

In the mean time

Running teething baby says hi!

Time to lose – day one summary

Dude I’m SO proud of myself. I can’t remember the last day where I ate this healthily (not for lack of trying). I’m feeling great, no withdrawls yet, sure a few times I’ve opened the fridge and been like ohh grapes… or something but I have resisted everything. EVERYTHING people!! *Pats myself on the back*.

Day one went a little something like this:

Fished my first baby-placed object out of the toilet…..

*2 eggs, refried beans, spinach
*tuna, beans
*salmon & veges

a ton of water, and one coffee. its 5 to 11 and I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow in diet heaven xxx

This week I will lose

Over 2kgs. I am the queen of gaining the last 5kgs, losing it, then gaining it.. getting pregnant etc etc I feel I should document how I do it.

I figure I’d quite like to lose 6kgs before we start TTC (trying to conceive) again. It’d be nice to start from “my ideal” place.
Also my ideal health. I’ve been feeling less than 100% basically since I stopped breastfeeding Reuben and my diet went down the drain like you can’t even imagine. My post-shower-crazy-itching is back with a vengeance which I can only assume is down to too much refined carbohydrates (basically what my diet consists of right now). My skin is not good and there’s only so much makeup you can put on to hide it. I’m just sick of being not 100% with how I feel and how my clothes fit, and not doing anything about it.

I feel like I kind of forgot that no one was gonna do this for me, and it’s a bit ridiculous that I have all this knowledge and experience on what to do and how to do it to not just dominate it. It’s getting me down dwelling on it. What a loser.

So lets do it!

Starting with tomorrows breakfast: 2 eggs, salad and beans! Whatever kind of beans you feel like. For me – it’s whatever happens to be in the cupboard, in a can :P. A cup of black coffee, and lot of water.

And then, for snacks/lunch/second lunch/whenever:
*more eggs
*hemp protein shake (spinach/berries/yog/water)
*frozen fish either pan fried or oven baked
*sachet of tuna (flavoured)

I’ll update with my actual diet tomorrow. But for now, its past midnight and I’ve got washing to hang out. Time for bed.. nighty night. Please share with me what’s worked for you if you’ve lost weight, or if you are happy with your body, how do you keep yourself happy with your body? xx