Delayed week four round up!

Oooops. Sorry guys. I feel guilty for leaving it so long between posts! I’m writing this the day before the week five round up but I’m allowed because it’s my blog 😉

OK So week four. This was a very trying week for me, as Jonno became very ill from what we now know was lead poisoning. Not words I wanted to hear but after helping Jonno crawl into bed I started to think that this was more than just your average exhaustion from juggling two young children and renovating – got onto doctor Google and discovered he had almost all of the symptoms – extreme fatigue and irritability being the dominant ones. I stayed up late stressing while he tossed and turned and tried to convince him to go to the hospital which he refused of course – and discovered that Vitamin C has had amazing results chelating lead out of the body. A megadose of vitamin C was given (you can’t really have too much you just get an upset stomach). Two days later after no improvement Jonno finally asked to be driven to the hospital and sure enough his blood results had excessive levels – not hospital admission levels however I do wonder how much the vitamin C chelated out the lead over the two days prior to the blood test.

SO YES. I was dealing with an even grumpier (!!), more irritable husband, after a few days recovering he stayed home watching the babies while I went to the house and sanded/painted for hours, and then returned home to put everyone to bed haha. Not the most fun days of our lives but thank goodness he’s back to normal and hopefully hasn’t caused himself any lasting damage which is scarily common with lead poisoning. All of this could maybe well have been avoided if some basic respirator techniques had been employed 😉

I finished painting the bathroom and started on priming the outside weatherboards. My wrist and fingers have never been so sore – you can’t use a roller you have to brush every single inch and it kills. Ignore the weird placement of the bath/shower – that’s a whole new issue to fix SIGH.  Oh and the floor, ha ha ha… so many hours spent scraping/paint stripping/belt sanding and it still looks rubbish – now I understand why people pay professionals to do it! I think I’ll just paint it.



Currently browsing for secondhand Oven, Kitchen, Wardrobes… hey this is the same list as last week!
Urgent Priority List: Bathroom floor
Indecisiveness List: Exterior colours (STILL), Blind fabrics (all rooms!), upholstery fabrics – hey nothing has changed here!!!
Week highs: Our amazing families helping out with our babies so much so Jonno could rest and I could get atuff done!
Week low: Realising that we are running out of money, not finding any new tradesmen to work on the house and the existing ones going sloooow (or maybe I’m just impatient!)