Heritage Switches

One of the first things I noticed when wandering through our house was the beautiful heritage Villa switches were still all there. I knew from friends that you couldn’t reuse them but I still had hopes you could somehow restore them, apparently NOT :( Seems like such a waste but everyone I talked to almost laughed in my face, I can’t wait to see the insides of some of the old ones!


We’ve locked down an electrician so are all good to go on one of the most expensive one off items – the rewire. I’ve spent the last 5 nights browsing period switches online – there’s basically one company Clipsal that makes heritage style switches and lots of people sell them under different names. As usual New Zealand shops are ripping people off left right and centre – with only a few places selling these switches you would be mad to buy them at over $40 per switch from Bungalow & Villa or over $30-35 a switch from Recollections.


Our house is basically a small transitional villa with basic lighting needs and at those prices we would be looking at close to a thousand dollars in switches alone – possibly more – I stopped adding it up I got so depressed!


I love online shopping and stumbled across the magnificent Restoration Online website and the switches are only $19ish each РAustralian Рwhich right now works out to be just a smidge over $20 NZD. The mounting blocks and accessories are well under half the price of any stockist in NZ too and their international shipping is reasonable. Even better if you know someone who can bring it back for you in their luggage and claim back the GST at the airport! I should also mention Pales In Style who will ship your beautiful Villa or Bungalow switches to NZ GST free and are happy to call and guide you through the process.

Basic light switches in New Zealand are also frightfully expensive, The 4 electricians that came and quoted our house gave prices from $12 – 20 a switch which is INSANE – I’ve seen them as low as $3 on Australian websites selling direct to the public… we figure the extra $6 per restoration villa switch is a worthy investment.

Anyway I really need to get better at decision making – these switches alone consumed my life for the past week or so trying to decide on colour and style! xx