More house highlights

It’s been a while since I’ve updated sorry but there hasn’t been much to say! I’ve had a few trademe dramas but I’ll address those in my next post – in the mean time enjoy this visual feast x

2013-11-25 13.56.16

Seriously quality brick work on the garage. A few weeks ago this was being held up by a tree and a wooden brace, midly concerning that the garage may cave in before we take possession 😉

2013-11-25 13.47.43Pretty much a free trampoline on the back porch weee

2013-11-25 13.49.49To be honest until last weekend we weren’t even aware that this room existed. It’s a tiny sunroom/porch thing off the kitchen… BONUS

2013-11-25 13.58.03Time is really flying by and it’s only two weeks now until we get official possession…….. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas xxx