June 15 update

It’s been a crazy few months, so much stuff has happened since my last update – hardly surprising considering that was six months ago! We had a baby, sent our eldest boy off to school, all the while trying to pack in as much house stuff as we could. Three children is hard work! Not in a bad way, but of course newborn babies take a lot of time and steal a lot of your sleep, leaving you with a lot less time and energy for other pursuits! Not that I mind one little bit, I’ve enjoyed the relaxing time away from renovations, our baby boy is so delicious and following in his big brother and sisters footsteps of being a fantastic sleeper and basically one relaxed and happy little man. He is perfect, we are so very blessed.


A few more rooms in our house are feeling “finished”… In that they have blinds and light fittings, we still are really lacking art on the walls in almost every single room but there is time for that.

I finally finished sewing the massive drapes in our room. In true Laura fashion I decided to go big or go home and sewed huge floor to ceiling drapes for our bay window. We have a really high stud (3.5m) so it was a flipping mission and one I won’t be doing again any time soon. They look amazing though – it was almost worth it.



We purchased a second hand sofa bed and have had people to stay in our blind-less third bedroom …



And most recently ….. we have started dealing to the disaster that is the laundry! We left this till last and have been storing a huge amount of tools and paint and just grossness in this room. Unfortunately you have to walk through it to get to the toilet and the upstairs so everyone who comes over gets to view its disgustingness … and I spent a fair amount of time in there doing just the most insane amount of washing what with Playcentre and cricket and gym and school and sports and renovations and day to day washing….


laundryThis has been a huge DIY effort on the most insanely minimal budget – and once again huge thanks to my dad for all his epic work including cutting and fitting this beautiful undermount sink. The tap was $40 off trademe, sink $140 off trademe and the bench $100 from bunnings. The cupboards came to a total of $240 off trademe as well. Unfortunately I’m dumb and forgot to take any before pics which is a shame because this was almost the worst room in the place. Still got a lot of painting and tiling etc to go but it’s so beautiful I had to share. xx