Kitchen kitchen caching

We had our first real taste of action on the house today – we picked up the fridge and the kitchen for our new house. You can see what the kitchen used to look like on my other post here but here is what it looks like now….


Yeah. My husband is mourning the loss of our garage and I think I am going to miss it too! Internal garaging sure is a beautiful thing!

Apart from the fact we were horrendously unprepared for how heavy the fridge would be (I actually had to enlist the help of a poor neighbour who happened to be standing outside at the time) and a few domestics it all went relatively well. The kitchen has a few positives… the doors are wood like I suspected so my painting plan can go ahead. The oven looks good as does the rangehood… the smaller benches are real wood! The only real downside is the main bench is a hideous hideous shade of fake wood laminate and the gas hob looks extremely old hahaha but that’s pretty much what I was expecting and for $66 it’s a definite win.

Now to borrow some power tools….