Kitchen Reveal

I am so excited to share this with you guys – I am completely blown away with the amazingly positive response from our bathroom reveal thank you everyone so much!

Introducing… what our kitchen used to look like 😉

yucky kitchen

The weirdest, tiniest, dirtiest, grossest and most questionable kitchen that has possibly existed in Mt Eden for quite some time. Sidenote – when we signed the contract on our house I actually hadn’t seen the kitchen! There were too many car parts and boxes in the dining room that I couldn’t quite see it.

tasty oven

This is similar to our bathroom renovation in that it is just a short/mid term upgrade, it is back to back to the bathroom (the sink backs on to the bath) so will go in the future. As you will see, it’s far from ideal, it is small, there is little storage – you may question where the fridge is (You will see it in the dining room reveal!) but I love my little kitchen.

mold eerywhere

We removed the front of the alcove wall with the help of a builder as it turns out it was surprisingly structural! Once that was gone everyone breathed a sigh of relief and the kitchen plan began to come together. The kitchen was discovered on trademe (hello broken house theme song!)


All the surfaces were just so dirty. Decades of fly poo and grime covered everything, walls, floors, ceilings doors and we won’t even talk about the condition of the kitchen itself. Getting that in the skip was so satisfying! We somehow managed to rope in the help of my youngest sister in law and some new German friends we made to help clean it all! Amazing. Then came a bit of plumbing, from too many plumbers, and some more rewiring, and then my dad came and pretty much made everything twice as awesome than before by tidying all the plumbing and wiring up and then….

IMG_20140308_142318My Dad spent the better part of a Saturday getting this in. Have I mentioned how much I love my Dad?! Our house would be half the home it is now without him. The man is multi talented to an extreme level.

wonderful kitchen

We then perfected our tongue and groove painting skills and then we set to tackle the floor. First up we thought we were going to be able to danish oil the whole room, but as it turned out the kitchen floor was a whole new level of broken. Visitors to our dining room often comment on our rustic floor but we couldn’t have gotten away with it in the kitchen. Rot, borer and just giant gaping holes meant I chucked a whole bunch of filler on, spent way too much time on my hands and knees sanding and painting and now we have a scandi painted white floor (which I have already repainted… but that’s for a future post).

painting your floorThen we did some tiling, And my Dad did some more wiring. Jonno painted the hideous ceiling. Finally all the old was painted away into bright and clean and everything was good.

20140708_152546-ERASERAnd this is our little kitchen! Despite its size I’m finding more time every day to cook and bake for our family. Space is tight, but we stack the dishwasher (integrated into the kitchen on the left of the oven) as soon as we are done with a dish and it works.