windows vista mce remote control, good times

Well having just spent 5 hours of my life trying to work a Vista MCE remote I am asking myself why, why did I not research this more before I did it. Sigh.

I bought the Hauppauge PVR150MCE edition. Why did I not just get the normal edition? I think the name sounded cooler at the time or something. Sigh.


32 hours at work..

well this week I did a bit of a crazy… me and 2 of the other guys at work somehow ended up working thru most of the night and cramming 2 hours of sleep in before waking up for another full days work :S

well, thats not entirely true, its not like we worked entirely thru the night… we had many breaks to retain some sanity that involved…

  • quake 3 LAN
  • swiss ball soccer (highly recommended – just make sure not to do indoors over other peoples desks..)
  • wrapped one dudes entire desk and everything located on it in newspaper
  • a multitude of drinking games…

Ok that sounds like we didnt do much work but I swear we did. I probably got another whole days work in. However this was possibly counteracted a tad by the fact that the next day I was only at 1/2 productivity or so, sleeping on the meeting room floor on 2 couch cushions with NO air conditioning was definitely the low light.

Good times.

And even better, there is still crap loads of work to do. Ahh. Thank goodness its Friday, woot.  I can guarantee I wont be doing that again though. I have missed 4 gym sessions in a row this week :(

home theatre pc makes me happy inside

Last week I picked up an old Dell PC from my Parents place. Now don’t get me wrong, normally I hate Dells but I had a higher purpose for this one…

My new home theatre PC!! I have no idea why it has taken me so long to get this up and running. I guess a lack of free PC carcasses!!


upgrade in progress

hi everyone I finally made some time to play with my site. but i didnt realise it would kill everything that used to live here, hehe. check back soon!!
jonno and I are living at facebook these days – see you there1!

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