Potty Training take two …

Potty training has been going surprisingly well! Yes we have had some dramatic accidents but none for a while now and in fact today we left the house sans nappies! A quick trip to waitrose and back – and still dry! I did, however then go and ruin it because I forgot to ask him to go to the toilet. Normally he will just take himself but I suspected the added layer of jeans would confuse him and sure enough a few minutes later one distraught and soggy boy!

We spent the rest of the afternoon learning that clothes on top of undies still means you need to go to the toilet haha. I’m thinking of tempting fate by taking him to tumbletots tomorrow without nappies too.. I’ve gotta bite the bullet some time! Wish me luck…

Bugaboo Chameleon3 – YES PLEASE !

I need to win lotto very soon so I can upgrade to this beauty. I’ve been thinking about switching from my iCandy Apple to a Bugaboo Chameleon for this new baby, I’ve just had enough of the beast that is the iCandy and fallen deeply in love with the limited edition black and creamy white one.

But then I started doing some research (as you do when you get carried away with these things) and found out that the new Cameleon3  is coming out THIS SEPTEMBER! And you can pre-order it from a couple of places. That is just crazy out of my budget but one can dream! The huge advantage is the one piece fold and the lighter weight. Um, yes please!

Beautiful All Black edition. Sigh. Where’s the pushchair fairy when I need her 😉

Maternity Shopping – Sale time!

Best bargain: This Printed vest top by ASOS Maternity on sale for £12.50 down from £25.00. It’s viscose but feels like a lovely, stiff silk – very nice and thick to hide lumps and bumps and super trendy with pastel jeans or shorts for summer.
They also have some lovely formal-ish dresses if you have a wedding or anything coming up too.

Dorothy Perkins has tons of maternity gear on sale too for quite cheap but I can’t vouch for anything other than the basic singlets which are nice but would benefit from all over rouching (back included)

These TopShop maternity leggings are such a good buy at £15, I bought them with Reuben and they still look good as new and are so comfy on your bump! I wore them all the way until I gave birth last time and my bumps kind of huge already so am wearing them to the gym now. Highly recommended x

Potty Training take one!

So after a rather hilarious incident out shopping where Reuben covered his ears and then said Mummy Poo! and proceeded to fill his nappy I’ve decided it’s well time for him to get out of nappies.

We’ve been practicing sitting on the potty for quite some time now and had the occasional wee but nothing regular. I have noticed however that he has gained some amazing bladder control though! I’m talking holding his wees for 2-3 hours and then weeing on the bookcase when distracted!

On day one of “serious” potty training I’d already used all the towels and flannels in the house! And gone through 1/3 of the underwear we have. Uhoh. The worst moment by far was when I decided to go to the bathroom by myself and came out to Reuben saying Poo Poo and a trail of poo all down the hallway (carpeted), hands, feet and legs covered and reaching his arms up to me for a cuddle! Ha ha. And then after he was all showered off I picked him up and he vomited on me.. ah the joys!

I’m probably ruining it for myself by putting him in nappies occasionally, I know this is a serious no no but I selfishly just can’t not leave the house! Plus we had an extra session of tumbletots this week too so in hindsight possibly not the best week ever to start…..

Anyway we have made huge progress on the poos. He pretty much goes on the toilet everytime, the last accident we had half made it in and half didn’t so not the worst kind of accident! Wees I think is going to take much longer. Tonight we had one in the potty and he was not even aware that he had produced that!

12 week scan! (at almost 13 weeks)

Introducing the new member of our family!

Praise God it showed a healthy, active, upside down arm waving little baby! I’m just over the moon, it still doesn’t seem real and I don’t think it will until I can feel it kicking and even then maybe not until it’s born!

A bit of a start

It’s day one of healthy eating kick! Did pretty well today, and Reuben and I walked to and from yoga in the blazing sun so that was gorgeous.

Breakfast – Mango Protein Shake
Lunch – Goats cheese/lentil salad (lacking protein here and I’m not a fan of lentils but we had take out in the park :) )
Dinner – Chicken thigh casserole with spinach and brocolli

Snacks – frozen mango

Post dinner – Greek yogurt and Cherries.

Ok still a bit too much food and sugary mango snacks but overall improvement :)

In other news, my 12 week scan is tomorrow, if you are a praying person please pray for me that the baby is ok and healthy! Thank you, I really appreciate it. I’m so nervous… I know what will be will be – but I hope to be back here tomorrow after 1pm posting happy news. Hubby has a half day from home so he can come with me so that will be nice, although we aren’t allowed to take Reuben (wtf?) so he will be staying behind with our neighbours.



Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Touch wood I’m still pregnant! Our scan is in two days (one more sleep when I wake up.. I’m typing in bed) and I’ve never been so keen to fast forward a couple of days of my life. In the mean time, I’m trying to do some damage control. When we conceived this time I was about 7kgs (15lb, over a stone) over my “normal” ideal day to day weight. Obviously this is due to nothing more than overeating but I like to put it down to the deep dark place I found myself in after each baby loss. Each time I would eat like crazy in secret and then after a couple of weeks and I was in a better place I’d start back at the gym again and try and work it off. Didn’t really work. Not to mention I’ve been too scared to do any serious gym work this pregnancy so that hasn’t helped.

I’ve started back at body pump and aiming for 2 classes a week, one yoga class and another weights session. I’m also trying for big walks or bike rides every day, as much for Reuben’s sanity as mine!

I know it’s a bad idea to lose weight during pregnancy and that’s not my aim – my aim here is to be healthy and maintain my muscle as long as I can too – it helps with an easier delivery and recovery and not to mention boosts your metabolism. I’d also like to not be eating any extra than I need to right now and now that I’ve got the exercising and walking back under control that’s what I’m struggling with. I’ve always always for as long as I can remember been a binge eater, always in secret and people used to not believe me when I said that because I was always relatively slim. Now… I think people would believe me a bit more 😛

So I’ll be making regular posts – I’d like to say daily but going on my past blogging history that’s just already a lie – on my diet, I have all the nutritional knowledge I need to make the healthy decisions just lacking the motivation and surely I can get that from holding myself accountable.

On this subject, nothing helps me more to make good food decisions than a good nights sleep! I’m off to sleep now, goodnight xx


Happy happy baby news

I’m so happy to be sharing that we are expecting another baby!  I’ve been really quiet on the blogging front recently – mainly due to the fact that my life has been somewhat all consumed with the dark cloud that is infertility. Every time I would go to write all I could drum up would be posts on miscarriage and how much of a depression I was struggling with and I decided I didn’t really feel I could quite express the way I was feeling appropriately, nor was I sure that I wanted my deepest thoughts and sadness out there for everyone to see forever.

I suppose because I’ve felt/been really infertile for over a year now that getting this far in the pregnancy feels just to good to be true. I also seem to be one of those lucky women who get absolutely no morning sickness or anything like that so there’s nothing to reassure me on a daily basis that there’s actually a baby inside of me. I have to admit to peeing on yet another pregnacy test as soon as we got back from France, so reassuring to see that mega dark test line appear in seconds!

Don’t get me wrong I’m beyond happy but the disbelief and nervousness that something will go wrong a bit does spoil the fun. I am totally relaxed about it and very good at not being stressed out

So that’s my news! All going well the baby will be born at my parents house in NZ. The “due date” is 27th of December, I’ll be happy if it decides to come not on Christmas day though! I still have to sort out my midwife care here in the UK as I’ve just been under the local early pregnancy unit due to my previous losses. I’ve already found a fab midwife and confirmed she can take me on for the birth in New Zealand and I can’t wait. I’m so looking forward to giving birth!

Tuesday oractuallywednesday in Pictures

Snuggley cuddley curious george watching
Beautiful park in Grenoble
Reuben doing housework on vacation
20 mins drive from park in picture 2
Handsome men
More extreme handsomeness
Elana … Reuben’s best rabbit friend
Favourite activity

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