Progress Report – end of 2013

So work has been progressing well at the ‘broken house’ as it has become known. Jonnos been paint stripping the outside with the Paint Shaver Pro – lots of sanding and scraping has been done – the rewiring is complete, plumbing repairs are mostly done, the gas trench has struck lots of rock, the hot water cylinder is gone and floor/wall repaired.


Big thanks to my Dad for the wall repairs! This is where a cupboard and hot water cylinder used to sit.


This is where the bath used to sit – big thanks to my father in law for the floor repairs!

cveilingThe whole house absolutely stinks of bleach/30 seconds mould remover – I wasted quite a lot of my life wiping at the ceiling with a cloth and bleach solution whilst balancing on scaffolding – then I discovered the weed sprayer can be filled with 30 seconds (either version of it seemed to work fine) and sprayed on while wearing goggles and a respirator (still burns your eyes/lungs) and a old towel on my head and overalls. Magic. Yeah it still looks a bit grotty but honestly 100000000% improvement.

Somehow I imagined I had a full time nanny when we undertook this project – most of my days are spent just at home doing full time single mum duty while Paint Shaving is done. There’s a ridiculous amount of lead dust flying around the place and I’m very hesitant to have the kids anywhere about. Not to mention Charlotte is actually quite infatuated with me and me alone still! Ah well. As soon as the lead is gone we are basically going to move in and then it will be all hands on deck. Today I sanded from 9-12 and that system works well so we will just keep doing that and then swapping I think.

Night xx